4BR Tier List: Has Bowser Jr. Not Proven Himself Yet?

Some may think that Bowser Jr. is a relatively linear character, packed with gimmicks such as only being counted as a heavyweight when hit on his car rather than himself. On the other hand, we have tweets like this making the rounds after the release of the 4BR Tier List:

Is he right? If you’re going to believe anyone about Bowser Jr., it should be Tweek, New Jersey native Bowser Jr. player. Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you should know that Tweek is the undisputed best Bowser Jr. main the game has to offer. This young kid was recently ranked 2nd on the New Jersey state power rankings, above well known professionals such as NAKAT and False, only to be bested by Nairo, whom is often considered to be the second best player overall.

While it’s tough to count the results of a single player as a representative for a character, Tweek might have a point here. Many believe Smash 4 to be a relatively balanced game in groupings of around 3 major tiers, the outlying best, low tiers with lack of options, and the pool of every other character making up the middle. The order of the middle tier seems to differ greatly between player’s opinions, and it could end up being just about any order.

If all of these characters are so close, how are we supposed to accurately separate them? Perhaps we should be looking more into results for the potential from the characters. Bowser Jr. ranks in the seemingly abysmal F tier, grouped as a low tier character. In the 4BR tier list, the following characters are ranked going up from Bowser Jr. in order, all the way up to the High Tier: Kirby, Roy, Robin, Bowser, Pacman, Mega Man, Donkey Kong, Ike, Greninja, Olimar, Lucario, Toon Link, Wario, ROB, Peach, Pit, Dark Pit, Luigi, Yoshi, and Captain Falcon. Many of these characters are devoid of any kind of top representation, yet Bowser Jr. has Tweek pushing the character to new heights.

We’ve yet to see any consistent breakthrough performance by a player using Kirby, Roy, Robin, Bowser, Olimar, Lucario, Pit, or Dark Pit. Nearly half of this list is without any real representation behind them, while the remaining half has players like Scatt behind Mega Man, Vex and DKWill behind Donkey Kong, aMSa behind Greninja, 8BitMan behind ROB, Slayerz behind Peach, and Boss behind Luigi. Despite this, I’d honestly say Tweek is better than all of the players I just mentioned. Sure there are bound to the low tier heroes in each game that find massive success with their character of choice, but with such an early tier list and characters ranked so close together, why wouldn’t we give the edge to Bowser Jr. here? I find it hard to believe that the second best player in one of the toughest states in the country is driven by a low tier character.

What are your thoughts on this, could Bowser Jr. be too low? Let us know on Twitter @Smash4Unet, and give Tweek props for his success with the supposed low tier character @TweekSsb.

CT Chibo

Chibo is a long time member of the competitive Smash community, dating back to Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2007. He has shown prowess as a competitor, tournament organizer, live streamer, and more. Chibo is the owner of CLASH Tournaments, one of the leading media providers for the Smash community.

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