Best Sets of the Weekend: 10/7-10/9

This weekend was host to The Big House 6. With 777 entrants, including international players, the game play was bound to be fantastic. This weekend showed off new tech, an increase in counter-pick strategies, and a return to form by last year’s champion, ZeRo. These sets are the best of the best, and it was increasingly difficult to just choose a few for this weekend. For every streamed match, check out Unrivaled Tournaments Youtube channel. For all recorded matches, including any top 32 match that was played off stream, go to the Gooshi Gaming Youtube channel.

The Big House 6

Phase 2 Pools: Circa HoH | SuperGirlsKels vs Pulse | Ryuga

Sonic vs Corrin
Youtube Vod

A match of speed against power. SuperGirlKels’ and Ryuga’s styles of play are different from traditional players of their characters. SGK’s aggression quickly adds percent to the patient, movement heavy Ryuga. Her Sonic seemingly overwhelms Ryuga and she gains a percent lead of over 100% in game 1. However, Ryuga picked up on the aggression and began tipping and hitting SGK out of spin jumps and dashes. In game 2, after losing game 1 as he was mounting a comeback, Ryuga two stocks SGK with a high amount of rage and tippers. Game 3 is on Town & City, a stage where SGK might be able to close out kills earlier, but also where a Corrin with rage is even more threatening.

Doubles Losers Finals: Marss + Pugwest vs Mew2king + Ally

Marth + ZSS vs Cloud + Mario
Youtube Vod

Nearly all of top 8 doubles was amazing. Why this set over everything else? Simply, doubles fundamentals. Pugwest and Marss are always there for each other. The problem they face in this match is thus: so are Ally and M2K. This set moves fast. Within 8 seconds of game 1, Marss gets team comboed from 0 to 85, with Pugwest on stage trying to help. Yet, Marss loses his first stock nearly two minutes into the match and Ally and M2K move to 3 stocks total around the same time. The control the brothers possess over the stage is top-notch. Where Mew2king and Ally thrive is in their conversions and damage racking. They show their overall career pedigree. This is the best doubles set of the weekend. If it’s too fast, I recommend slowing it down. It’s worth it to see all of the small details in each player’s positions.

Phase 2 Pools & Losers Top 32: Kie vs Rich Brown

Peach vs Mewtwo
Youtube Vod Pools
Youtube Vod Losers top 32

I’m cheating. This is two sets of the same player match up. Their first bout in pools was a taste. The hero of Japan in the crew battles versus the rising star Rich Brown. Kie’s movement is something we hadn’t seen yet from any Peach. This is the first high level bracket match we see Kie’s play. He two stocks Rich Brown, taking advantage of his possible unfamiliarity with this style of Peach play. The next two games, Rich Brown shows his adaptations, and wins them, but they are too close.

After losing in Round 1 of phase 2 pools, Kie fought a gauntlet of tough competition to make it back and play for revenge against Rich Brown. They know each other better. Their play isn’t simply tricks to catch their opponent off guard, but harder reads and mix-ups. In a way, this set mimics the first. Kie starts off in a dominating fashion, making two hard reads to win the first game. Rich Brown is nearly overwhelmed again, but makes quick reads in game 2 to take an early stock and win. The set is just as close as their set earlier, and one of the best sets from two un-sponsored players.

Losers Top 16: DNG | Kameme vs MVG | Salem

Megaman vs Bayonetta
Youtube Vod

Many people expected Salem to place top 3 at this tournament, not fighting the Evo 2016 runner-up in Losers Top 16. Game 1, Salem makes this match-up look atrocious. He’s avoiding all of Kameme’s projectiles, simply kicking over them or clanking with neutral air. Once he has a lead, he freely camps the edge, always able to move away. However, by game 2, Kameme figured something out. He stops directly using his projectiles, pressuring more with item throws down. He plays with jumps more and finds himself with a commanding lead. The only problem Salem had last game returns. Megaman is heavy and tough to kill. Kame solidly two-stocks Salem. Twice. While we are used to both these player’s combos, set-ups, and this set shows off their ability to play patiently and adapt in addition to their incredible kill potential.

Top 32 Winners Round 1: LG | Abadango vs *PG | Mr. R

Mewtwo vs Sheik
Youtube Vod

Yes, this is a round 1 match. These two have played each other in Grand Finals before, and it so happens that seeding made them play round 1 of top 32. Usually, Void is the Sheik known as an innovator. Mr. R shows that he’s been in the lab with Sheik as well. His perfect pivot movement, needle combos, up air setups and grenade usage are vastly smoothed over. With the new tech, his neutral is just as solid as it has ever been. In game 1, however, Abadango keeps up with Mr. R’s neutral. They are both at each other, moving back and forth across the stage, looking for ledge cancels, and slightly mis-spaced aerials to gain big advantages. Most surprisingly are the risks they each take. Mr. R will fire off bouncing fishes from the ground across the stage. Abadango will dash across the entire stage and grab. And they both get what they’re looking for. They know each other from clashing at so many other major events across the world and it shows. This is the best set of the weekend.

*Mr. R was temporarily sponsored by Panda Global due to winning the European Key to the PG House tournament.




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