Best Sets of the Weekend 6/10-6/12

Republic of Fighters

Losers Finals: Gluttony vs EVK | Anragon

Captain Falcon vs Falco
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This matchup is fast and interesting. There aren’t many high level Falco players in the world, but Anragon makes Falco look strong, especially his edge guarding and anti-combo game. Gluttony’s ground movement and extended dash dancing, however, enable him to land dash grabs into strong moves like the knee and dair. For strong Falcon and Falco play, this set is great to watch.

Smash’n’Splash 2

Losers Finals: UR | Ned vs Ally

Cloud vs Mario
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This is a match-up between new school and old school. Compared to players who appear on more popular streams, Ned is a relative unknown except for in the Midwest. Compared to most high and top-level players, Ned is also significantly younger, breaking into the scene within the past year. This set wasn’t just full of immaculate movement and ally fighting for his win conditions. It was a rematch as Ned had just defeated Ally 3-1 beforehand in winners semifinals. Adaptation and ground movement are the two keys of this set.

Grand Finals: TSM | ZeRo vs Ally

Sheik/Diddy Kong/Cloud vs Mario
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This grand finals had everything. Attempted counterpicks, a reset, and a sudden death scenario in which a 1 stock 3 minute re-do rule was used. ZeRo is still trying to get back to his winning ways, but Ally does his best to prevent ZeRo from first place once again. Ally punishes ZeRo’s movement, no matter what character ZeRo pulls out. ZeRo does show that his situational awareness is still top-notch, so the set as a whole is a strong showcase of contrasting styles.


Winners Finals: Dabuz vs Tweek

Rosalina vs Cloud
Twitch Vod

It’s been awhile since either of these players held the spotlight. Tweek’s cloud still moves as naturally as his Bowser Junior does. His nair usage and ability to control movement with his own fox trots works to his favor. Dabuz’s Luma control is just as good as it has always been, but now he’s been fox trotting more in neutral and out-spacing his opponents with his own dashes. This match-up is often thought of as one of Rosalina’s few bad matchups and Tweek shows why this is the case.

Losers Semifinals: Liquid | Nairo vs 2gg | Void

Zero Suit Samus vs Sheik
Youtube Vod

I do not think Nairo and Void will ever play a poor set versus each other. Every single set between these two players is fast, complete with the slickest movement and two of the best punish games in the world. There isn’t much to say about this set other than that it is the best set from the weekend


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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