Best Sets of the Weekend 6/24-6/26

CEO was home to the best sets of the weekend. The tournament was full of upsets including ZeRo placing 9th overall, FOW losing early to Scatt,  Hyuga taking out Nairo before top 16, and Trela drowning in pools. However, upsets don’t always make for the best sets.

CEO 2016

Losers Quarters: Mr. R vs Abadango

Sheik vs Mewtwo
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Watching Sheik vs Mewtwo is a battle of Nair. Who can get the cross-up? What if it’s perfect shielded? This neutral game is fast and deadly between these two players. Mewtwo’s kill power keeps Mr. R in check, but only if Mr. R doesn’t already have complete stage control. Critical mistakes are the downfall of Mr. R in this set, allowing Abadango to take full advantage of rage to take early kills. Even so, Mewtwo’s large frame is taken advantage of in this set, allowing Mr. R to constantly get combos on Abadango.

Winners Top 16: Pulse | Zinoto vs Elevate Larry Lurr

Diddy Kong vs Fox
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The rematch from 2GG: Mexico Saga Losers Finals happens but this time it’s in order to qualify for top 8. Zinoto’s patience and traps are a step up from the set at Mexico Saga; however, Larry is able to control banana and avoid much of the pressure that Zinoto is able to apply with banana. Larry’s play is fundamentals at it’s best. Whenever he shields, he does so in hopes to punish over just to defend against Zinoto’s options. He controls his back with up tilt constantly and is able to convert up tilts into kills more often than not. While the individual matches and movement isn’t slow, the set feels slow due to the patience and optimal play of both players.

Losers Top 16: TSM | ZeRo vs Elevate | Larry Lurr

Diddy Kong vs Fox
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For a 3-0, this set is surprisingly close, at least in the individual games. ZeRo’s neutral, while lacking the banana play of other top-level Diddy Kong mains, is still dominating in this set. Larry is stuffed on his approaches, and, per situation, is beaten repeatedly. But the X factor in this set is how Larry is able to close out ZeRo’s stocks. Nearly every stock Larry takes is a risky call-out ranging from fire fox kills to shine spikes. Larry’s ability to outplay ZeRo in critical moments makes it so that ZeRo must not only out neutral, but also outplay Larry from disadvantage.

Winners Finals: DT | Dabuz vs DT |Anti

Rosalina/Olimar vs Mario/Meta Knight
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If there’s a set to show the power of counter picking, this is it. The set starts like a standard set between Dabuz and Anti’s main characters of Rosalina and Mario. But after game 2, when they are 1-1, Anti switches to Meta Knight and wins. Then Dabuz Counters Meta Knight with Olimar, and, with counter pick and stage advantage, Anti takes Dabuz to Lylat with Mario. The counter picking in this set is all successful, and the advantage made by the counter picks shows just how powerful learning at least a second character for a specific match-up or player can be.

Losers Top 16: MVG | Scatt vs SF | Hyuga

Megaman vs Toon Link
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Two players who know the upper limits of their projectiles makes for an exciting and technical set. Both Scatt and Hyuga had already made upsets with Scatt knocking FOW into losers and Hyuga knocking Nairo out of the tournament. The item combos from these two players clashes explosively, setting up spikes, up airs, back airs and more kill set-ups. This set has comebacks within comebacks as Scatt makes consistent clutch plays to take the first two games, but Hyuga comes back in the next two in dominating fashion. The two players fist bump after game 1 just because of how well they both played it out. This is the best set of the weekend.



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