Best sets of the Weekend 6/3-6/5

This was the weekend of one day regional and national events. Notably, 2GG Mexico Saga featuring ZeRo, Zinoto, The Wall, Hyuga, and a slew of invited Mexican players ended on time with 413 players in attendance. This week’s had more strange matchups, strong neutral games and great adaptation.


Winners Quarter Finals: Vinnie vs Samsora

Sheik vs Peach
Youtube Vod

A match of footsies, this is a long set, but it is great for understanding neutral mind games. Peach is known as a character with a high learning curve, but that’s due to her ability to cancel jumps with floats and return to the ground instantly, effectively mixing up how she maneuvers in the air. Samsora uses this ability to great effect, baiting out Vinnie’s options. However, Vinnie’s traps are still top-notch, making this set interesting to watch for how they catch and escape each other.

Midwest Mayhem 3

Winners Quarter Finals: Tyroy vs ESAM

Metaknight vs Pikachu
Youtube Vod

The run back from Combobreaker 2016 Grand Finals happens in Quarter Finals of Midwest Mayhem. This time, on patch 1.1.6, Tyroy plays his Meta Knight over his Bayonetta and Sheik. Both players go for jab locks, far off-stage edge-guarding and fast paced game play. In reaction to each other, they go for options no one else would think of in order to secure stocks and take their wins. Happening surprisingly early in bracket, this is a good set for anyone looking to see what Meta Knight can do offstage and what Pikachu can do to edge guard a character with multiple jumps.

2GG Mexico Saga

Losers Quarters: Zinoto vs ImHip

Diddy Kong vs Olimar
Twitch Vod

2GG Mexico Saga is the tournament of and local heroes making it far in bracket. ImHip and his unorthodox characters had already knocked out SS, Tyrant and Slayerz before facing off against the Midwest’s best player. ImHip’s pikmin management allow him to rack up over 80% within seconds as white pikmin chip away at Zinoto. In a show of adaptation, Zinoto changes his approach patterns based on ImHip’s pikmin order, jumping over or dashing under side-b tosses. With the crowd behind ImHip, this set revives an often forgotten character while demonstrating Zinoto’s clutch factor.

Losers Finals: Larry Lurr vs Zinoto

Fox vs Diddy Kong
Twitch Vod

Zinoto and Larry Lurr’s understanding of each of their character’s zone is fantastic. Both players know how much is committed on each move and where to be if they can possibly punish it. This set shows that Smash 4 is a game of precise timing, patience, and set-up. No player in this set dominates the other, but they both move and trade moments one after the other, keeping the game close until the critical error or critical read that allows one of them to take a stock. This is a thought-provoking set and one that I plan on returning to in the future.

All 15 games of Larry Lurr vs ZeRo

Fox vs Diddy Kong/Sheik
WF, GF 1  GF 2 YoutubeVods

ZeRo’s return to the tournament scene is giving us a clash of highly technical and newly implemented movement options versus the mechanical, read heavy genius that ZeRo dominated all of 2015 with. These sets are no exception as ZeRo and Larry’s contrasting styles. Beyond just style and game-play, these set reveals how intricate and emotional stage selection can be. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the best Smash 4 has to offer from this weekend.

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Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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