Best Sets of the Weekend 7/1-7/3

WTFox 2

Winners Semifinals: DT | Dabuz vs Mr. R

Rosalina vs Sheik
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Dabuz always pulls out the Luma tricks to make Mr. R sad. The set is a back and forth of Mr. R weaving between Dabuz’s immaculate defences and avoiding deadly Luma trades. Luma against needles and fair is the name of this set. Between jabs, roll-back spacing and Rosa’s neutral b, Dabuz has many tools to move Luma where he pleases. But Mr. R strikes back, going over Luma with bouncing fish, safely using fair to add percent and eventual tumble Luma, and simply staying back and needling to stop Luma. The set goes back and forth and if spacing and ledge traps are what you enjoy, this is the set for you.

Winners Finals: TSM | ZeRo vs DT |Dabuz

Diddy Kong/Cloud vs Rosalina
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Dabuz finally gets his chance to strike back against the, now contested, best in the world. Their last set in grand finals at Genesis went to game 5 with ZeRo edging it out. Now without Sheik, ZeRo resorts to a Cloud counter-pick for game 3 after the set tied up at 1-1. Using Cloud against Dabuz, who has Tweek in his region may seem like a bad idea, but ZeRo makes it work, calling out all of Dabuz’s jumps and channelling his inner star destroyer. A moment of silence for Luma.  Ultimately, the set comes to counter-pick stages and adaptation to one of Rosalina’s poor match-ups.

Neokan Party 2

Grand Finals: IxisNaugus vs Gluttony

Sonic vs Wario
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This is a set where every little movement and micro action takes effect seconds later. Wario and Sonic interactions are interesting considering Sonic’s ground speed and Wario’s air speed punish each other massively differently. Even more interesting is how IxisNaugus uses the bike against Gluttony to extend multiple back airs and is even able to beat it by timing the spin dash hop to avoid being hit and hit Wario off the bike. Grand Finals is back to back 3-0s, showing that both players adapted to how they played in Winners Finals and shut each other down, but each game still appears close due to the X factor of Wario waft.

Winners Semifinals: Glutonny vs Elexiao

Diddy Kong/Wario vs Greninja/Ryu/Pac-Man
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If Gluttony’s grand finals set was a show of slower, calculated strategy, this set is a show of technical prowess and awareness of win conditions. After dismantling Gluttony’s Diddy Kong, Elexiao plays a precise Greninja, moving just outside of Gluttony’s range, but adding bursts of percent whenever he is able to catch Gluttony’s highly mobile Wario. The problem though, is Gluttony’s ability to convert to farts off nair and cover options using Wario’s air speed and fall speed. While Gluttony sticks to Wario after game 1, Elexiao jumps between Pac-Man and Ryu, two other high execution characters. This set has a ton of technical know-how, hard fart reads and combos, and interesting character select mind games. It is the best set of the weekend.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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