Best Sets of the Weekend: 7/22-7/24


While Nexus brought hype in the form of Skorpio bringing Robin to a top 2 placement, vods weren’t saved on hitbox directly. I’ll update this article when the Youtube vods are released.

PPT Summer

Winners Round 3 SFTO | Purple-H vs iStudying

Cloud vs Greninja
Twitch Vod

Greninja and Cloud collectively have some of the best standard movement options in the game. Greninja also has one of the best stops to grounded movement in the form of water shurikens. Purple-H doesn’t let that stop him from approaching and forcing iStudying to shield. Even so, iStudying starts this set only taking 21% to take Purple-H’s first stock. This is when Europe’s 3-stock meta proves itself fruitful, at least for Purple-H. Moving around iStudying with limit cancels and well-timed double jumps, Purple-H makes the comeback taking game 1 off the top 50 player. The set continues similarly, with both players making comebacks against each other, just barely clutching games and stocks at the very edge of their spacing.

2GG Ktar Saga

Doubles Winners Finals: Sol + Mars vs Vinnie + Tyrant

Little Mac + Zero Suit Samus vs Sheik + Meta Knight
Twitch Vod

For some reason Marss and Pugwest didn’t team for 2gg. Why? Because Sol and Marss could end a stock at 70 percent consistently. Lower if there are platforms. This set has the quickest off the top conversions of any doubles set I’ve seen. Between Sol, Marss, and Tyrant’s up bs, stocks sometimes looked like jigglypuff rest trains in melee. Combined with Marss ability to convert a stock even without help and Vinnie trying to disrupt anything that ever happens to his partner. The neutral game of the set is vital to prevent both these team’s punish games from dominating the set.

Losers Quarter Finals: Void vs Mr. R

Sheik vs Sheik
Youtube Vod

New school versus old school. Mr. R and Void are the world’s two best solo sheik mains, but they play in completely different styles. Mr. R’s neutral and ledge control is some of the best in the world while Void is known for innovating and applying Sheik’s combo game 1.1.5 patch. The style difference shows as Mr. R traps Void into multiple up smashes at the ledge and plain reading Void’s actions. Void creates openings in Mr. R, however, whenever he has advantage on stage. Footstools, up smashes, di mix-ups and great usage of bouncing fish to counter bouncing fish make this set flash and shines a new light on the Sheik ditto.

Winners Finals: Pink Fresh vs Marss

Bayonetta vs Zero Suit Samus
Youtube Vod

Before writing this article, this set is already being talked about as one of the best sets of smash 4 ever. Pink Fresh’s Bayonetta matches Marss explosive play style. These two look they are playing Project M with how their combos lead to quick 0-deaths, 80+ percent, or near impossible to recover situations. They both turn scenarios around that look to be in the other’s favor. This set will speak for itself. It’s the best set of the weekend and one of the best Smash 4 sets ever in terms of entertainment and in top-level play.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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