Best Sets of the Weekend 7/29-7/31

Sumabato For The Big House

Top 32: Komirikiri vs Choco

Cloud vs Zero Suit Samus
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This is a slow set, but for good reason. Both Komorikiri and Choco have the ability to control a stock from neutral with ease. Not only that, but both player’s conversions and the sheer amount of pressure from advantages forces both players to space out and play slowly. Despite an interruption in game 5, the set is a strong showing of how to avoid deadly setups while still have a presence from neutral.

Losers Top 32: Paru vs DNG | Nietono

Bowser vs Diddy Kong
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Looking at the names and looking at the characters, it would normally be obvious who takes this set. The first two games look as such. Nietono controls the neutral and Paru is never able to gain a footing. A Final Destination counter pick doesn’t help. Game 3, however, Paru flips the switch and two stocks Nietono. Game 4, again, another two stock. Paru downloads how Nietono moves. Taking advantage of Bowser’s difficulty landing, Nietono takes Paru to Final Destination for a final close game.

Losers Finals: Shuton vs Taiheita

Olimar vs Lucas
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Taiheita and Shuton both took names this tournament using their obscure characters. It was only fitting that the matched up in Losers Finals to see who would face Komorikiri. Taiheita’s mid range pressure had to find ways through Shuton’s evasiveness and Pikmin management. Shuton always has a purple. Taiheita’s edge guarding and advantage whenever he gets a grab carries him through Shuton’s neutral…if he can get inside.

Smash Factor 5

Grand Finals: SF HDG | MK Leo vs Mr. R

Marth/Meta Knight vs Sheik
Youtube Vod

MK Leo is a master of swords. After a 3-0 with close games using Marth, Mr. R bites back and two stocks the marth forcing MK Leo to use his most famous character: Meta Knight. MK Leo shows off, once again, that post patch Meta Knight, while more specific with his percent KO setups, is still a force to be reckoned with. Mr. R, however, slows the game down and recoups, looking like Void with his punishes. The neutral is played immaculately in game five from both players. For Brawl players, this set will look nostalgic.

Losers Finals: Dabuz vs SF HDG | MK Leo

Rosalina/Olimar vs Meta Knight/Cloud
Twitch Vod

Even before the set started, we knew that Dabuz and Leo both have hard counter picks against their main characters. Leo has Meta Knight for Rosalina and Dabuz has Olimar for Meta Knight. The set begins with Meta Knight against Rosalina. It looks like it would be┬áDabuz’ favor. He’s winning neutral. He’s zoning hard. He takes no damage for the first 30 seconds. The match-up looks fine…Then Luma dies. Leo’s favorite animal must be a shark as his patience and capitalization at just the right moments adds 80% or a stock whenever Luma dies. Dabuz’ Olimar counter-pick stems the ability for Leo to be aggressive, but a Cloud comes in as his counter-pick. This set is back and forth and a must watch from this weekend.

Pools: Serge Vs Darkfall

Link vs Lucario
Youtube Vod

The set of a lifetime. Serge and Darkfall’s rivalry stems beyond Smash 4 and they had to match up in pools. Their reads on each other show their history as they fight back and forth. With over 60,000 views already, this set is quickly becoming the most lauded set of Smash 4 in history. I’ll allow it to speak for itself. This is the best set of the weekend.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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