Best Sets of the Weekend: 8/12-8/14

One weekend from a break later and Super Smash Con astounds with the sheer volume of high quality sets. While I choose only to write about a select few, there are too many great sets from this weekend to only pick 5 or 6. The following sets are the best of the best from this weekend.

Super Smash Con 2016

Losers Top 24: Ally vs TSM | ZeRo

Mario vs Diddy Kong/Cloud
Youtube Vod

One week this could be grand finals. This week, this set decided who would place 13th. It’s only fitting that, despite both player’s being knocked into losers far earlier than expected, they would face off once again. ZeRo starts this set well, 2 stocking Ally in game 1, calling out all of his neutral options. Game 2 looks like a JV 2 stock until Ally, a master of comebacks, jabs, stuffs a double jump off stage with a weak nair and footstools ZeRo to win the game. Later in the set, perhaps in desperation, ZeRo switches to Cloud, but it proves not ready to face off against Ally.

Phase 2 Pools: PG | ESAM vs Noble | Ryo

Pikachu vs Corrin
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ESAM, now using a new control scheme, looks better and in more control than ever. His Pikachu still retains its edge-guarding capabilities that make it so deadly, but with perfect turn arounds, is consistently jab locking off any un-teched aerial he gets. Meanwhile, Ryo’s movement with Corrin uses every bait in the book to hit ESAM where he doesn’t expect. ESAM’s trouble taking stocks shows. As long as Ryo avoids getting the gimp, he gets one of Corrin’s deadly long-range tools to hit. With rage on his side, ESAM has trouble, even with his usual speed, to take Corrin’s stocks.

Losers Top 8: TA | Fatality vs dT | Dabuz

Captain Falcon vs Rosalina/Olimar
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Fatality makes the Rosalina match-up look like a cake-walk. Even with percent deficits, even with Luma interrupting him, Fatality found a way through to find his Knees, his spikes, and kill throws when those weren’t enough. It seems Rosalina’s weight and floaty nature is perfect for Falcon to mimic his melee counterpart in air wobbling with up airs. Fatality goes 2-0 up on Dabuz, forcing him to revise his entire game plan. Re-think he does as Dabuz drops his main character to switch to Olimar, his secondary character pick. This choice proves fruitful as Fatality no longer has the free space to move. Even as a secondary, Dabuz’ Olimar looks better than it ever has, with kill confirm combos, new low percent combos and always having a blue ready for a kill throw.

Phase 2 Pools: MVG | Scatt vs dT | Dabuz

Megaman vs Rosalina
Twitch Vod

Scatt seems to always run into a Rosalina or Sheik main in bracket. The best U.S. Megaman main, after being stuffed for approaching and having all of his items taken from Dabuz in game 1, finds exactly what he needs: patience. He out waits Dabuz and slowly pushes advantageous positions in game 2, spacing himself within the range where Gravity Pull is punishable even if Dabuz takes a projectile. Losing game 2, Dabuz plays even slower and more patiently. Often, on Duck Hunt, the two players simply stand in their positions, one trying to wait to regain middle stage, the other waiting for them to move. A slow, but explosive set, this is good to watch for understanding why waiting, even in disadvantage can be fruitful.

Losers Top 24: Noble | Ryo vs Abadango

Ike/Roy vs Mewtwo/Rosalina
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After a strong win from Abadango in game 1 that just looked like standard Mewtwo play, Ryo pulls out an unexpected Roy pick. Ryo’s Roy quickly contrasts with his Ike, going from slower with heavy coverage, to a speedy rush down style throwing out well-timed hit-boxes. Even though the beginning of game 2 looks grim, Ryo swings back after losing his first stock with a first hit nair>jab>Blazer kill confirm. Despite Abadango constantly having a massive lead, another jab>Blazer takes out Abadango under 100% after the hit on Battlefield. A game 3 los sin the same match-up and Abadango switches to Rosalina to deal with Ryo’s immense kill pressure. Crowd on his side, Ryo fights stays Roy for the rest of the set, attempting to pierce through Abadango’s defences.

Doubles Winners Finals and Grand Finals: ZeRo + Nairo vs Taiheta + Gomamugitya

Diddy Kong + Cloud vs Lucas + Lucario
WF Twitch Vod
GF Twitch Vod

Finally, Taiheta and Gomamugitya come to the U.S. to show off the best Lucario team in Smash 4. They use the old, but massively effective Anubis strategy to perfection. For those unfamiliar, the Anubis strategy is a Lucario specific teams strategy that has the Lucario playing an aggressive spacing game and losing stocks while their partner stock tanks. It originated in Brawl.  Lucario gains aura as he has less stocks than the opposing team and his partner, so as long as the partner has 3 stocks, Lucario gains a massive boost. Combined with Lucas’ extra range on psi-magnet and new properties to its lag after healing, the team is one of the best in the game. Despite team healing nerfs, the aura helps in counteracting the nerfs. This team works by the Lucario constantly healing the Lucas so that he keeps 0% and 3 stocks for as long as possible, effectively endlessly stock tanking.

In these sets, ZeRo and Nairo work their best to play against these two as if they were the Ice Climbers, constantly separating Lucario and Lucas. Unfortunately for them Taiheta and Goma, with the synergy of years teaming together, are able to find the perfect moments to heal the Lucas. ZeRo and Nairo find their moments to finishing touch Taiheta, though, ending stocks at 60% and balancing the Anubis-Medic strategy. This is some of the best doubles play I’ve ever seen in Smash 4, and these are the best sets of the weekend.

Again this weekend had amazing sets, and I can’t write about all of them. Below are links to some of the other great sets that aren’t talked about in the article.

Void vs Fatality
Youtube Link

Anti vs Dabuz
Twitch Link

MVD vs Scatt
Youtube Link

Void vs Ally
Youtube Link


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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