Best Sets of the Weekend 8/26-2/28

Sumabato 12

Winners Finals: Komorikiri vs Ron

Sonic/Cloud vs Mario
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Ron’s rampage through Sumabato 12 comes to Komorikiri in Winners Finals. Komo looks to be in control, catching Ron out of neutral, pressing his advantages with spin charge, and mixing up his landings. But Ron figures out a pattern in Komorikiri’s play and begins spacing just right to dash in for grabs, even taking the first stock off Komo with an up-smash before spin dash released. Game 2, Komorikiri counter picks Cloud on Smashville. It looks strong at first, nearly taking a first stock with an air dodge read forward smash, but a fast overstep gets Komo gimped at 75% and it looks as if Ron will upset Komorikiri 2-0. With air dodge reads and a landing nair into limit cross slash, Komo comes back to win game 2. Game 3, it’s a return to Sonic vs Mario and it seems as if Komorikiri has figured Ron out.

Shine 2016

Top 32 Losers Side: Anti vs Spark

Cloud/Zero Suit Samus vs Sonic/Roy
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We know Anti as a counter-pick master, and his Cloud and Zero Suit Samus have taken sets off the likes of Zinoto and DK Will, but Spark has his own agenda. Spark, (AKA Heero/Static Manny), loses a close game 1 due to a good read by Anti, but in game 2, he switches to Roy, his own secondary. Like his Sonic, Spark’s Roy is slow and opportunistic. His spacing and mix-ups throw Anti off, forcing punishable mistakes. Spark two stocks Anti’s Cloud. The counter-pick war continues as Anti hovers over Zero Suit and picks Smashville. Despite the hover, Static switches to Sonic and Anti keeps playing Cloud. This set shows the problems of having too much faith in counter-picks as well as choosing counter-picks wisely despite match-ups.

Losers Semifinals: EVB Gaming | Dath vs Circa | 6WX

Robin vs Sonic
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Earlier in the tournament, Dath made it look like 6WX was a random sonic. In this set, 6WX shows his adaptation to the match-up. He plays with more aggressive patience, always watching out for Dath’s books and begins edge guarding Robin’s predictable recovery.  Dath’s response is to constantly challenge 6WX whenever he attempts to edge guard. Despite being down in percent for the entirety of the set, a few swipes with Levin Sword and just one projectile hitting spells death for 6WX with rage. At the ledge and in landing, 6WX falters against Dath, giving him the hits he needs to win.

Edit: an earlier version of this article said the incorrect round for this match. This error has been corrected. 

Top 8 Qualifier : Denial | Marss vs Spark

Zero Suit Samus vs Roy/Sonic
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Spark brings out his Roy once again, but for game 1, not wanting to pick into a poor match-up for Sonic. Despite a nail biter of a game, Spark switches to Sonic and Final Destination after a loss.  Another close game, and Spark looses to ZSS’ patented boost kick combo setup. This time, however, Spark sticks with his guns, running back to Final Destination with Sonic and adapting to the matchup, playing inside Marss zone. Despite a worse than neutral matchup, Spark sticks with Sonic throughout the rest of the set for better or worse.

Losers Finals: PG | ESAM vs EVB Gaming | Dath

Pikachu vs Robin
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A Florida Losers Finals in New England. Dath Checkmated his way into top 3 at a national tournament and ESAM looked on incredible the entire tournament.  Fire and lighting meet thunder. ESAM tries out zoning Dath, but Dath’s control of his double jump and knowledge of tome and sword usage keeps him safe constantly. ESAM quickly figures out that this isn’t the way to beat Dath and improves on his mid-range spacing and his edge guarding. This set is back and forth and shows the best of both characters. This is the best set of the weekend.


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