Best Sets of the Weekend 9/17-9/19

Planting a New Seed: Down B Monthly

Winners Finals: Yeti vs Shinjoebi

Captain Falcon vs Greninja
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Despite Captain Falcon being his secondary character, Yeti’s Falcon knows his moves. Constantly, his spacing of aerials and special moves leads to high percent combos and raptor boosts on Shinjoebi’s jumps and grabs. For the first two games, Yeti, while not dominant, seems to surprise Shinjoebi. Game 3 looks much the same as the first two until Shinjoebi begins to adapt. With less jumping and baiting out Yeti’s specials to gain percent and kills. Offstage is Falcon’s bane in this match-up as back air after back air connects. This set is full of hard reads and knowledge of each character’s advantages over the other.

Losers Semifinals: SWAG vs Skorpio

Megaman vs Robin
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This match-up does not look enjoyable for Robin. Pellets beat nearly all of Robin’s projectiles, and if Megaman doesn’t want to deal with them, he can always duck under them. The challenge of fighting a character that is both heavy and can play campier than Robin is shown. Despite this, SWAG has trouble taking the final stocks of Skorpio, giving him enough rage for Check Mate to threaten Megaman under 100%, making seemingly close two first games. On his third and last counter pick, Skorpio finds what he needs on omega Coliseum. Books and swords are flung across the stage, forcing Megaman to approach in the projectile stalemate. Taking Game 3, the dynamic of the set changes as both players find different ways to combo, camp, and seal away stocks.



Winners Quarterfinals: Pugwest vs DMG | MattyG

Marth vs Cloud
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Marth has been on a rise ever since Pugwest, Mr. E and MkLeo started putting the character on the map. A quality people have been valuing is Marth’s ability to deal with the Cloud match-up. Despite Marth’s zoning area being tough for MattyG to deal with, he’s able to find the openings in Pugwest’s zone, patiently waiting for Pugwest to throw and reacting. Pugwest’s gimps and shield breaks are on point, but MattyG’s limit reads make this set interesting and close.

Zero Fox Given

Losers Finals: Cloud 9 | Ally vs Pulse | Ryuga

Mario vs Corrin
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The world may never know why, but Ryuga went into this set angry. Sporting a ‘Liar’ tag, Ryuga had already beaten Ally on the Winners side of bracket. The set starts in Ryuga’s favor. He quickly destroy’s Ally’s first stock, making the set look a lot like their first bout. However, Ally is not known as the king of clutch for nothing. At 141%, Ally begins mounting his comeback, ending in a F.L.U.D.D off the Smashville platform and a cape to gimp Ryuga. The longer the set goes, the more adaptation comes in from both players. Ryuga’s safe spacing keeps him in each game, but Ally stops allowing Ryuga to have enough space to run. In an excellent show of aggressive and defensive movement from Ally and Ryuga respectively, this is a set with emotions on the line.

Grand Finals: Pulse | Zinoto vs Cloud 9 | Ally

Diddy Kong vs Mario
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The Michigan classic, Ally versus Zinoto. In ten games, we see masters of this match-up going head to head. Diddy Kong matches become a lot more interesting when the opponent is just as good with banana control as the Diddy. Despite this, Zinoto’s play without banana is beyond solid. Using sheer movement, he’s able to trick Ally into grabs and traps into down tilt confirms. Zinoto’s solid play nets him a 2-0 lead, but Ally would not be sweeped easily. With victory at the tip of his grasp, Zinoto loses to Ally in a reverse 3-0 in set 1. Set 2 is just as close as set 1 and repeats the same story. Zinoto holds huge percent leads, only to be thwarted by Ally’s resilience and ability to find his win conditions. This is the best set of the weekend.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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