Best Sets of the Weekend 9/23-9/25

Glitch 2

Winners Quarterfinals: SS | Mr. E vs VexX | Seagull Joe

Marth vs Sonic
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Mr. E’s has made waves across the world as one of the few players to take a set off ZeRo. His improvement over time is tremendous. But Seagull Joe is known to be able to beat some of the top players at the peak of his play. Seagull takes over in the first two games. Mr. E always has the game within reach, but Seagull closes out the final stocks with surprising decisiveness. He plays just out of Mr.E’s range and his movement makes it so that Marth has trouble keeping at tip range. Even at massive deficit in game 2, Seagull hits with an f-smash to take an early stock. Down 2-0, Mr. E proceeds to find his range, find his tips, and take stock after stock with early kills. Even a dancing blade at the ledge finds its tip, killing at 91%. The set turns around, but Seagull threatens victory with every missed tipper.

Grand Finals: VGBC | Pink Fresh vs SS | Mr. E

Bayonetta vs Marth
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Typically, whenever a Bayonetta set reaches this list, it’s a fast, flashy, and epic clash of kill or be killed every second. This set lacks the instant death Witch¬†Time hits, but shows off a different side to Bayonetta. Both players play a slower spacing game with a heavy emphasis on the offstage and ledge games. Of course, combo setups are still part of this set, but the meat of advantage/disadvantage is all based on positioning and recovery instead of combos and landing reads. Still, with brilliant footstools, clutch Bat Within usage, and extended edge guards, the set is exciting in a different way than usual.

2ggt: Abadango Saga

Doubles Losers Finals: Samsora + Slayerz vs Larry Lurr + Abadango

Peach x2 vs Corrin + Meta Knight
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Double Happened this weekend, and it was sweet. Samsora and Slayerz’ team combos are immaculate. They know exactly where their character will hit and move smoothly into position to ping-pong Larry or Abadango back and forth. The counter strategy for Larry and Abadango is to split them up and allow Meta Knight to obliterate stocks while Corrin zones. Despite what most would consider poor match-ups for Peach, Samsora and Slayerz’ synergy appears to be too much for the team of top players. If you’ve ever wanted to see what Peach can do in doubles, this is about as much Peach as you’ll ever see.

Winners Quarterfinals: NRG |  Nairo vs CLG | Void

Zero Suit Samus vs Sheik
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We’ve seen this set before. Nairo versus Void sets are always high-octane action that never disapoints. Even though both players are constantly throwing hit-boxes at each other, they keep themselves safe. Actually scoring a hit looks hard. Even so, whenever Void or Nairo do strike, it’s a lot of percent or a stock lost. Void hits Nairo across the stage with his creative Sheik combos. Nairo kicks and suddenly Void is threatened with a lost stock. Of course, like any of the sets they’ve played, clutch is the final factor.

Winners Quarterfinals: C9 | Ally vs Komorikiri

Mario vs Cloud/Sonic
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Finally, Komorikiri gets stream time in North America. Komo’s performance in Japan is well-known, but we had yet to see what he could do against the rest of the world. Though it’s often considered a poor match-up for Mario, Ally’s multiple encounters with Sonic trained him to deal with Komo and the first game goes to Ally. In game 2, Komo brings out the Cloud. He two stocks the best Mario in the world, ending with a Finishing Touch. The following games are back and forth patient, controlled action. Ally scores a combo, but Komo finds an opening and capitalizes. Komo hits with a cross slash, but Ally comes back with an up smash read. The games are close, and we get a taste of a different style of Cloud. This is the best set of the weekend.



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