Best Sets of the Weekend 9/30-9/1/2

 Let It Shine III

Grand Finals: EM | Elegant vs WYW | Legit

Luigi vs Diddy Kong
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In a Norcal vs Socal battle, Legit and Elegant duke it out in a match-up historically in Luigi’s favor. Despite that, Legit takes game 1 for Norcal. In game 2, however, Elegant gets a cyclone gimp to take the lead. Elegant’s cyclones are on point, not only working to secure kills, but to surprisingly poke shields after his own aerials. At a set-back, Legit nearly brings it back with a stage spike, but succumbs to an up smash after Luigi returns to the stage. Game 2, Legit returns to where he lost on Final Destination, only to take 107% early. Legit still lives to over 200%, avoiding all of Elegant’s kill setups until a neutral air takes the stock. Elegant has no troubles removing Legit’s second stock, blocking an errant Flip Kick and punishing with a spicy up b. Game 4 and 5, the players decide that Final Destination isn’t where they want to end their battle, ending this classical rivalry on Smashville.

Jupiter League IX

Grand Finals: PG | MVD vs BlueLink

Duck Hunt/Diddy Kong vs Roy/Toon Link
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Re-appearing from his hiatus in Italy, MVD faces off against their best player, BlueLink. The set starts with Duck Hunt and Roy. Blue Link rushes MVD down, often weaving just out of the hit-box of projectiles and punishing lightly until MVD is offstage. There, he pushes the advantage on Duck Hunt’s vulnerable recovery until stocks are lost. Despite winning, BlueLink switches to Toon Link, fighting a battle of projectiles against his opponent. MVD reads the patterns better, and seems to always catch when BlueLink decides to jump with up airs. After another loss as Duck Hunt against BlueLink’s Roy, MVD finally switches to Diddy Kong for game 4. MVD overwhelms BlueLink, with large hit-boxes and maneuverability around Roy’s sword. With a 2-stock, MVD brings it to game 5 in Italy.

EB Expo 2016

Winners Semifinals: Kristoph vs Waveguider

Sonic vs Wii Fit Trainer
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A battle of two completely different styles. Waveguider moves like his name implies: momentum shifts and unexpected angles of attack with wave-bouncing and out of shield jumps. Kristoph controls  horizontal and vertical space when he can. Waveguider’s reversals make it so Sonic’s speed is less of a factor, but Kristoph begins getting into Waveguider’s face as the set goes on. Despite this, Waveguider somehow finds his confirms, finds his reads, and finds ways to stuff Sonic from massive disadvantages.

Losers Finals: Waveguider vs Boozer

Greninja/Wii Fit Trainer vs Bowser
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Perhaps in preparation for grand finals, or because he believes it would work against Boozer, Waveguider starts the set with Greninja. He used the frog in winners finals, but without success. Boozer scoffs at his Greninja, taking game 1. Game 2 looks better for Waveguider, but Boozer’s pivot grabs become too much of a hassle.  Waveguider finally switches to Wii Fit Trainer in order to salvage the set. And then he shows why he’s one of the best in the world at the character. He destroys Boozer in two straight games, purely out ranging Boozer, making it so he can’t approach or grab. Game 5 is much closer and has its own highlights to look out for from both players.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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