Best Sets of the Weekend 9/9-9/11

Invasion 8

Losers Finals: Dabuz vs SS | Mr. E

Rosalina/Olimar vs Marth
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Earlier in the tournament, Mr. E 3-0d Dabuz. Even in this set, Mr. E wins game 1 with a jab to up air, taking advantage of Rosalina’s size, light weight, and floatiness. Following this rough start, however, is a return to Dabuz’ form as he takes away Marth’s resources, keeps him in the air, and takes stocks as soon as Mr. E gets desperate. The following games, Mr. E returns the favor, keeping his spacing tight and striking with offstage and ledge-traps that are just as effective as Dabuz’. If anything, this set is an example of knowing win conditions and seeing players strategically move their opponents just where they need them.

Umebura 25

Losers Quarterfinals: CLG | Void vs Taranito

Sheik vs Ness
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It is unusual to see a high level Ness in Japan. It is even rarer to see said Ness in top 8 of one of Japan’s key tournaments. Unfortunately for Taranito, he had to play Void, one of Ness’s worst match-ups. Void is relentless in this set. If Taranito is ever off stage, he’s taking at least 60% and his stock is constantly threatened. At the same time, Taranito’s creativity with his recovery and PK 2 gets him out of sticky situations and even leads to a clever read for a shield break. For options not often seen in competitive play, this is a great set to watch.

Grand Finals: Abadango vs Kamemushi

Mewtwo vs Megaman
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There is no such thing as a lead versus these two players. No matter who is behind, either Abadango or Kamemushi find a combo or create a wall that allows them to come back into the game. Neither player scored huge with their patented footstool combos, but they showed off new combos and traps instead. This set’s play goes back to the basics, with more standard reads, traps, and scenario recognition that are universal with any character.

Syndicate 2016

Winners Finals: iStudying vs Mr. R

Greninja vs Sheik
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3-0s don’t usually make for great sets, but iStudying vs Mr. R. In this case, however, iStudying and Mr. R show off so much movement, high level reads, coverage, and willingness to survive. iStudying is always a step behind  Mr. R as a whole it seems. Even from an advantage state, he has troubles sealing off Mr. R’s stocks. Meanwhile, Mr. R has begun implementing Void-esque combos into his game, thought not as well executed yet.

Winners Semifinals: iStudying vs Rich Brown

Greninja vs Mewtwo
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For characters with great combo potential and punish games, both of these players work more with their movement, coverage and hard, single-hit reads rather than their combo potentials.  In response to each other, they mix up their DI, jump and air dodge directions, and both go deep offstage in order to maximize the little they give one another. Along with great commentary, this is the best set of the weekend between two tricky Pokemon.




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