Big Matches to Watch at Genesis

In my last post documenting my full predictions of the Genesis 3 bracket, I also included bold predictions. These were matches or results I think will happen that many others would not expect. It’s the hard read on a bracket set that will leave viewers excited and surprised. You want to watch these matches, but that’s not all. There are so many sets throughout this bracket that may happen that simply put, YOU NEED TO WATCH. Here’s an outline of some of the best sets to happen, along with why.

Ryo vs Atomsk – Round 1 Pool D41

The criminally underseeded Atomsk was worth a measly $10 in the Smash.GG Fantasy Bracket was placed into the same pool as Ryo, the best Ike main we’ve seen yet who placed Top 8 at the MLG World Finals late last year. You would expect Ryo to be seeded very high, and make it to Round 2 with ease, but Atomsk is going to give him one hell of a fight. The two players are no stranger to each other since Brawl, and one of the last times they met we got the clip of the bravest Waddle Dee of them all. Atomsk could take sets consistently from Ryo back in Brawl, and while the fundamentals of Ike may not have changed much, Ryo may not be ready for Atomsk’s new slew of characters in Smash 4 such as Dr. Mario or Meta Knight.

9B vs Fatality – Round 1 Pool C44

Poor poor Fatality. He made it on the Genesis 3 Compendium and flown out across the country just to be put in the same pool as 9B! Fatality has shown an impressive performance in the past with taking Dabuz out of Super Smash Con and being a general fan favorite, but there’s a good chance he’ll be starting off in the loser’s bracket early. Well, either that or 9B (whom I predicted to make to Winners Semis), may be seeing a short winners bracket life on his trip to America. This is probably one of the biggest chances for one of the top seeds to fall into losers in Round 1.

MJG vs DJ Jack – Round 1 Pool C45

Honestly, I think this will be one of the closest fights in Round 1 of pools between the first and second seeds to make it out. This Villager vs Ryu matchup displays two of perhaps some of the most opposite characters in the game, and it’s a complete toss up to see which one makes it out. To sweeten the deal, it’s likely that the winner will be facing off against Trela right away in Round 2 of pools, and I’m sure DJ Jack vs Trela is something everyone wants to see, including DJ Jack and Trela themselves. Don’t start buffering your Shoryuken inputs just yet though, because my money is on MJG, whom I feel many would find to be the underdog in this set.

Mew2King vs Zan – Round 1 Pool E45

Mew2King still hasn’t found his footing in Smash 4. In fact, the conundrum of Mew2King in Smash 4 was big enough for me to write an entire article about it here on the site. Lately we’ve seen Mew2King invest a lot of time into Cloud, so we might have quite the treat for people looking for fresh gameplay of the new Ex-Soldier to the arena. Mew2King’s opponent will be Zan from SoCal, a Brawl veteran who mains a character that is not often seen and could catch Mew2King off guard in Toon Link. Despite this, I think this will be an easy pickup for Mew2King, but Zan seems to think otherwise:

Zan has the utmost confidence in taking down Mew2King.

Zan has the utmost confidence in taking down Mew2King.

Regi Shikimi vs SlayerZ – Round 1 Pool E50

These are two players that honestly would be no surprise to see in top 32, and they’re meeting right away in round 1 of pools. People expect a lot out of Regi with being one of the international attendees to Genesis, though perhaps an even rarer treat would be seeing SlayerZ competing in another big name event. In the past we’ve seen SlayerZ take out names like ESAM in Smash 4, and Regi had a very solid performance at Evo 2015. Perhaps the weirdest part of this matchup is the character diversity in Peach vs Mr. Game and Watch. Not only are we going to get to see these two rare characters face off, these are likely the best players of these characters fighting each other so early.

Earth vs Ryo – Round 2 Pool H41

It’s basically a law in Smash 4 that any match with a top level Ike is going to be quite the spectacle, and no one delivers that quite like Ryo. Want to make it even more exciting? Make his opponent a Japanese player that we’ve yet to see here compete in America for Smash 4. We have the two best players that used to be the best Brawl Pit and Brawl Ike, now facing off as the best Smash 4 Pit and Smash 4 Ike. Expect a matchup that we never get to usually see.

Mew2King vs Waymas – Round 2 Pool I42

If there’s anything that has kept Mew2King on the edge of his seat in competition ready to lose, it’s an entire venue chanting for an international opponent. Waymas is just the kind of opponent to get the crowd going, as the nature of Wario’s waft leaves everyone gasping for the perfect time to unleash the deadly kill move. This is a match that will almost certainly have a giant crowd gathering around, as international attendees from Mexico will be there ready to chant Waymas’ name in anticipation of his victory over the King of the Mews. Even if Mew2King isn’t the best Smash 4 player, conquering him is a right of passage sought out by all aspiring competitors.

Xzax vs MVD – Round 2 Pool H44

MVD has been shown to be real hit or miss when it comes to national performance. We’ve seen MVD reach for the best and nearly take down Nairo at the top of Paragon LA, and also fail to make the Top 32 bracket at The Big House 5. Meanwhile on the rise is Xzax, who when active has consistently been a major threat in SoCal. If teams is any indication of it, he’s shown to be no slouch to top players after him and Anti took down ZeRo and ESAM with seemingly ease during this past weekend’s 2GG tournament. What makes this matchup all the better is the bitter rivalry that Xzax and MVD have, where every tournament the two are at together has no shortage of trash talk from their towering egos in respect to each other. Some may call it childish, but I call it entertaining. The last time they faced off in Brawl the set ultimately went in Xzax’s favor, and I know he won’t be willing to let the set count go in MVD’s favor anytime soon.

Abadango vs VoiD – Top 32

VoiD, the new young Sheik main from SoCal, has been on a destruction path lately. We’ve yet to really see him compete at his full potential at a national event, and Genesis might be his time. This match here will be the make or break moment for VoiD to prove he was what it takes to stand among the top, and take down the fan favorite from Japan. The winner of this will go to Winners Quarters in the bracket, netting them a guaranteed 9th place, and only one more win away from Top 8.

Regi Shikimi vs Xaltis – Top 32

Based on how the bracket is looking to play out, I would say Regi has the best chance to make it the farthest for all of the international players from Mexico. If Waymas meets and falls to Trela in the first round of losers Top 32, it will be up to Regi to overcome Xaltis to make it to the next round and be the highest placing player from Mexico. This is a match I can see the crowd getting behind, and really pushing for a big victory from the paper thing competitor. I doubt many are aware of the Game and Watch vs Rosalina matchup, but I can see the 2D man giving Rosalina a lot of trouble off stage, and landing vertical KOs with absolute ease.

Top 8

What should you watch in Top 8? All of it! Based on my predictions in my last article, Top 8 is going to see 3 players from the US, 3 players from Japan, 1 player from Canada, and 1 player from Chile. It will truly be the international stand-off we’ve been waiting for in Smash 4 since the game has had a year to develop. Perhaps the player everyone is truly waiting to see is Ranai from Japan, who is often considered to be their best player, all with Villager. We’ve yet to see Villager in the top 8 of any national event here in the US, not to mention a player from Japan new to the states. The ZeRo saga continues, but this will perhaps be his toughest chance at victory yet.

CT Chibo

Chibo is a long time member of the competitive Smash community, dating back to Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2007. He has shown prowess as a competitor, tournament organizer, live streamer, and more. Chibo is the owner of CLASH Tournaments, one of the leading media providers for the Smash community.

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