Can You Accurately Rank The Top 32 Wii U Players? Genesis 3 Staff Thinks So.

In a bold move that has shocked many and made waves across social media among many competitive communities, it was announced that the top 32 players in Smash Wii U at Genesis 3 will skip the first round of pools. It has already been public knowledge that the top 64 Melee players would be skipping their round 1 to participate in the Smash Draft, but this pales in comparison due to SSBM Rank, which has ranked players in the game annually, which has been more or less the most official ranking we’ve seen in the game yet.

Wii U on the other hand, still offers up many upsets, balance changes, new characters, and international talent that we’ve yet to see hit the US. It is one thing to approximate seeding for placement in pools to play out a bracket, but to simply ignore an entire day/wave of competition seems a bit much, considering the history of our game in our first year.

Just this past summer at the largest Wii U tournament ever, Evo 2015, we saw Nietono not make it out of the first round of pools. Nietono was a player I personally predicted to get top 8, and was certainly seeded top 32 after his performance at Apex 2015. Despite this, he fell twice to Tearbear, receiving 3rd seed in the pool, and not making it out at all. Not only was he knocked into losers, but out of the entire tournament in the first round. Had this been Genesis 3, he would have automatically placed many spots higher without touching a controller. Rumor has it that Nietono is already ranked top 32 at Genesis, so that seems to be the case.

Just in case players want to discredit Evo results due to players not being prepared for customs, we could look at MVD’s performance at The Big House 5 earlier this fall. MVD lost in the very first round of the entire event to a player named Coco in the first round of pools. A player that reached top 8 at Apex 2015 was in the losers bracket from the very start of the tournament at TBH5. Again, at Genesis 3, there is no chance for this to happen. MVD is currently rumored to be seeded in the top 32 at Genesis 3 as well, along with Nietono.

You could go further down finding upsets all over the place within specific regions, but how do you expect to properly rank players when we’ve had balance changes and a new character addition as recent as less than a month ago? Patches have played a huge role in the game, where arguably overpowered characters previously helped boost players to placements they’ve yet to see again. Did you know that at a tournament this past weekend, Angel Cortez (placed 5th at Super Smash Con with over 700 entrants) was defeated by Philadelphia native Squall, who used Cloud in the whole set? It’s unlikely that Squall would have even been ranked in the top 128 of Genesis, nor is he even currently power ranked in PA — compared to Angel Cortez a highly ranked player from NJ (though rumored to NOT be in the Genesis top 32), who is certainly capable of making top 32 at Genesis.

We don’t know what upsets will happen, but they’re killing the chance of them before they even happen.

CT Chibo

Chibo is a long time member of the competitive Smash community, dating back to Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2007. He has shown prowess as a competitor, tournament organizer, live streamer, and more. Chibo is the owner of CLASH Tournaments, one of the leading media providers for the Smash community.

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