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Sheik Breaking Bridges

The Best Sets of the Weekend 5/13-5/15

Every weekend there are hundreds of competitive Smash 4 sets played, and no one has enough time to watch them all. Every weekend, I plan on keeping track of some of the best sets and posting them here. Deluge Grand Finals: Zinoto vs Tyroy Diddy Kong vs Bayonetta...

ZeRo hugs Nairo

Nairo Defeats ZeRo at MLG

Team Liquid | Nairo defeats TSM | ZeRo at MLG’s World Championship in New Orleans, ending ZeRo’s undefeated tournament record. After a close 3-2 set in Nairo’s favor, Nairo reset the bracket to defeat both ZeRo’s Sheik and Diddy Kong 3-1. The final game was a two stock...