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Smash 4 at CEO is sure to be quite a hit. The bounty is set to knock out Zero, a $3000 pot bonus has been added, and the cap for Smash 4 was reached a good bit before the tournament to make Smash 4 the highest entered tournament at the event. There is obviously quite a bit of talent to look out for at the event, but for those who are not sure who to be on the watch for here is a basic breakdown of the top threats in each Smash 4 pool.

Pool 1

The headliner in this pool is obviously ZeRo, the player with such a renowned win streak in Smash 4 that a $500 dollar bounty has been placed on his head to motivate players to knock him out of the bracket. He’s not the only threat in Pool 1 however. IQHQ DA DKWill is someone who can’t be underestimated with his phenomenal Donkey Kong play (not to mention a noteworthy Sheik).

Pool 2

For a short while, we were unsure if NAKAT would be able to make it to CEO but he recently reconfirmed himself to be able to attend. This man is so good he’s even been on the Disney Channel, and it’s no surprise he got the feature either with his exquisite control on Ness, Fox, and Pikachu. Another name to look out for is falln. Currently ranked 10th in the SoCal Power Rankings (a very strong region) his Rosalina and Luma play is something to behold.

Pool 3

This pool sports several players worth keeping an eye on. First there is Shaky who recently managed to take a game off of ESAM with his Ness. SWS Fatality’s Captain Falcon could really bring down the house. Don’t count out COG Wizzrobe either. He’s put in good work for every Smash title including 3rd place for Smash 64 at Apex 2015, 5th place in Melee at CEO 2014, many victories in Project M, and several good showings in Smash 4.

Pool 4

6WX will be rolling around at the speed of sound for CEO 2015. His Apex 2015 top 8 Sonic has been making its rounds through many tournaments and is sure to be a challenge for any oncoming player. VS NickRiddle is sure to excite with Zero Suit Samus as well.

Pool 5

ESAM and his Pikachu: need I say more? He’s not the only one who stands to put up a fight in Pool 5 however. Ryo is bound to have an impressive performance especially with Ike recently recently receiving several significant buffs.

Pool 6

A real unique player to watch for in Pool 6 is Trela. Showing what some seriously unused characters can do, he’s pulled out Mewtwo, Charizard, and Mii Swordfighter in events and used them to place first. Phuzix’s sheik is also worth watching for in Pool 6.

Pool 7

Larry Lurr heads up this pool as a serious contender. His lowest placement since Apex 2015 was 4th at UGC v3.3 and otherwise has been taking first or second rather consistently. VGBC GimR however is also in this pool. He has shown he is capable of taking on top players during Xanadu streams and his Game and Watch is sure to hammer out some 9s.

Pool 8

XFire IQHQ Dabuz has placed incredibly well since Apex 2015 and has provided a major wall that many top players have not been able to pass. This pool also hosts Liquid` Chillen. While normally know for his Melee play, it will be interesting to see if his skills can cross over.

Pool 9

Nairo is coming in hot to this tournament and is expected to dominate Pool 9. He can bring out a wide variety of characters for all situations and his rivalry with ZeRo is sure to push him towards victory. Under an unusual sponsorship, YP | PRETTYWING will also be fighting in Pool 9. It will be interesting to see how far she gets.

Pool 10

COG MVG Mew2King was not sure he would even enter singles at CEO 2015, and then with his flight facing cancellations he will no longer be able to attend. Him not entering is sure to make a heavy impact in Pool 10. GoTE 8BitMan is also expected to do quite well. His R.O.B. play has gotten him ranked 5th in the Florida power rankings.

Pool 11

TheReflexWonder heads up this pool and is sure to make the competition fierce. Previously known for his play with Pokemon Trainer in Brawl, his Smash 4 Wario is quite a force to be reckoned with. Bloodcross is also set to rumble with a recently buffed Charizard. Local Duck Hunt player GoTE Wispy may also have a breakout performance here.

Pool 12

ANTi is going to be a name of interest to look at for Pool 12. He hasn’t really entered more than one major Smash 4 event, but was known throughout Brawl as a serious tournament threat. TNS StaticManny’s Sonic is also expected to do quite well.

Pool 13

LLL Mr.R has made the trip all the way from Europe for CEO 2015! Known in the Brawl era for his stunning Marth play, he now boasts a powerful Sheik. He has taken out many other top players in previous visits to the USA and this tournament is likely to be the same.

Pool 14

UGC NME Tyrant packs a punch in Pool 14. With his main man Diddy suffering a recent nerf, it will be interesting to see if he pulls out a secondary to help do the job. NS Seagull Joe will have a chance to show his stuff in a customs off environment (which he prefers). His sonic is spot on as seen at many Xanadu events.

Pool 15

IQHQ Vinnie doesn’t have Ice Climbers to play anymore from his Brawl days, but sure shows how scary Sheik can be in Smash 4. KSM MJG’s Villager is also worth noting as it has taken some games off of Mew2King in the past. GULL MMG Pink Fresh now has Lucas back in Smash 4 as well which could mean one crazy time at CEO 2015.

Pool 16

MVG MVD can bring on the Duck Hunt, Diddy, or Little Mac quite well, and is set to do very well in Pool 16. He took out some big names at Apex 2015 and more recently has put up a fight against ZeRo and taken some sets from ESAM. Liquid` Hungrybox is also in this pool, and while he’s most proficient in Melee, his smash 4 Jigglypuff is a real treat to watch.

Hidden Bosses?

There is always the chance of a major breakout performance with as many players as CEO 2015 has attracted. Are there any potential hidden bosses within these pools? If you saw a name we missed let us know in the comments below! Now to wait and see who takes the title for Smash 4 at CEO 2015!


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  • Steve O’Brien

    Great place to take down some names for notable players who main my characters

  • Leo

    You may not know Jester_Kirby in Pool 12, but he’s the top player in Tennessee PR (Rosalina player). He’s a favorite to come out of that. Jester/Anti is my bet.

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