CEO 2015 Smash 4 Singles Pools Recap

Smash 4 at CEO has been breathtaking. Major upsets took place in pools, and many fans had their predictions for top 8 thrown out the window. We already broke down the major names to look for in pools, but how did each of these players fare?

Pool 1

Unsurprisingly no one was able to take out ZeRo in pool one, so the bounty stayed solidly on his head. He did take out Hou Whispey rather early, but even with an impressive run through losers bracket was taken out by IQHQ DA DKWill. DKWill did not manage to move on however being double eliminated by EE KDB. Results: Zero in Winners – EE KDB in Losers

Pool 2

This pool left many jaws dropped and heads to be scratched. LoF NAKAT did not break out of pools. His first elimination came from KamiKario’s Lucario in a 2-1 match, and his final defeat came at the hands of falln’s Rosalina. Results: KamiKario in Winners – falln in Losers

Pool 3

Pool 3 played out very interestingly as well. While Shaky and SWS Fatality both making it out were unsurprising, COG Wizzrobe was knocked in losers bracket rather early on by Day. Results: Shaky in Winners – SWS Fatality in Losers

Pool 4

6WX made a fine showing in the top side of bracket, and VS NickRiddle did the same on the bottom side. When they both finally met however, NickRiddle pulled out on top. Stingers, after being sent to losers bracket after the first game made an incredibly valiant run only to face 6WX and finally be taken down. When 6WX once again met with NickRiddle however, he still couldn’t break past that wall. Results: VS NickRiddle in Winners – 6WX in Losers

Pool 5

ESAM was the man to beat in Pool 5 and several players did their best to give him a run for his money. Ryo’s Ike had a solid showing, taking down the talented tonyfinale before facing ESAM on the winners side of brackets. The battle was fierce, but in the end he was only able to take one game off of ESAM. As the battle took place, Neos was busting through losers bracket for another shot at ESAM who had sent him there. He too took out tonyfinale and also AceStarThe3rd before ending Ryo’s chance at escaping pools. ESAM however, still proved to be too powerful. Results: ESAM in Winners – Neos in Losers

Pool 6

Playing characters most others would shy away from, Trela was a unique threat in Pool 6. His first real challenge came from Player-1 who he was able to send to the losers side of bracket. STVG Phuzix was also having strong fights, knocking down Seibrik before the match with Trela. Trela took home the win in a convincing 2-0 set, sending Phuzix to losers bracket. Player-1 and Seibrik  both faced off for a chance to potentially fight the players that sent them to losers and Player-1 managed to prevail. However, before getting a second shot at Trela he too fell to Phuzix’s Sheik. Results: Trela in Winners – STVG Phuzix in Losers

Pool 7

This pool had some great games and exciting brackets. VGBC GimR found himself in losers early after a 2-0 loss against leiraD. leiraD didn’t stay much longer in winners however, being taken out by Burgers. Burgers too made a fall shortly after being sent to losers by EMP Fresh Die Nasty. As those matches took place, UGC Larry Lurr made a solid run through the top half of bracket, then sending Fresh Die Nasty to losers. GimR’s run was also cut off surprisingly short after CzechM8. While Burgers made a solid run in losers knocking out SWS Limbs in the process he was still unable to defeat Fresh Die Nasty. Results: UGC Larry Lurr in Winners – EMP Fresh Die Nasty in Losers

Pool 8

XFire IQHQ Dabuz was on fire, ripping through the bracket with 2-0 matches throughout. Kai also had only 2-0 matches in the bottom half of the bracket before being sent to losers by Dabuz. The real story of pool 8 however was Tony. Being eliminated in the first match of a pool is extremely tough, and when that first match is Dabuz it’s even harder. But Tony soared through losers bracket undeterred taking down CFS True Blue, Noa, and finally Kai for a second shot at Dabuz. While he still was unable to win that second match, it was still quite a crazy run through the bracket. Results: XFire IQHQ Dabuz in Winners – Tony in Losers

Pool 9

MVG Solreth showed pool 9 and smash 4 fans everywhere just how frightening a Little Mac can be. He took Nairo to game 3 in winners bracket only to have Dark Pit on Battlefield being an insurmountable force. Still he made a serious run through losers before meeting Xaltis whom Nairo also sent to losers bracket. While he fought hard, Xaltis came out on top to advance into the top 32. Results: Nairo in Winners – Xaltis in Losers

Pool 10

With COG MVG Mew2King unable to make it to CEO 2015, this pool saw a real chance for someone unexpected to break into the top 32. Captain Clutch put in some fine work taking out VGBC Logic fairly early on in winners, but couldn’t take down Chez (AWAL). GoTE 8BitMan’s R.O.B. was still able to get the best of Chez however, knocking him into losers bracket. When Captain Clutch and Logic met once again in losers bracket, the tables were turned. Logic took the set and went on to beat Sensei before finally being stopped from going further by Chez.  Results: GoTE 8BitMan in Winners – Chez (AWAL) in Losers

Pool 11

GoTe represented incredibly well in Pool 11. GoTE Wispy made a solid run through winners with Duck Hunt only to be sent down by TheReflexWonder, and then fully eliminated by Braev in losers. GoTE EbonySniper also took at shot at TheReflexWonder but was struck down as well. In the bottom half of bracket, Charizard main Bloodcross lost in his first match. Master Raven fought through however before facing up against TheReflexWonder and finally be the one to send him to losers bracket. While Bloodcross made a valiant run through losers, he could not overcome TheReflexWonder and thus did not break out of pools.  Results: Master Raven in Winners – TheReflexWonder in Losers

Pool 12

After an impressive showing in doubles the day before, ANTi put in some serious work in his pools overcoming Chicago’s JJROCKETS on the winners side of brackets. TNS StaticManny wasn’t going to be taken down so easily however. Aftersend DRX JesterKirby and dyr to losers, he made sure that ANTi had a place there as well. JJROCKETS, JesterKirby, and dyr all wanted another shot at these excellent players. JJROCKETS took out JesterKirby before going on to take down dyr as well. In a close 2-1 match he still could not overcome the force that is ANTi however, and his bracket ended there. Results: TNS Static Manny in Winners – ANTi in Losers

Pool 13

All the way from Europe LLL Mr.R was determined to make a strong showing and did just that, taking out all opponents in 2-0 matches. Several players fought hard over taking that second spot in the top 32 however. DJ Jack, after losing his first match to Myran, blew through losers bracket for another shot at glory. Sadly however when coming up yet again against Myran who had been sent to losers by Mr.R, the dream was cut short. Results: LLL Mr.R in Winners – Myran in Losers

Pool 14

UGC NME Tyrant had a seriously good showing, defeating all in his path to secure the number one spot out of pool 14. This was no walk in the park however. He had to take on Captain Zack who had already sent NS Seagull Joe to losers bracket and also faced a powerful foe in SWS Angelo. Seagull Joe was not down and out however. after eliminating SWS Angelo from the bracket, he once again came up against Captain Zack but this time secured a 2-1 victory moving him on to the top 32. Results: UGC NME Tyrant in Winners – NS Seagull Joe in Losers

Pool 15

While IQHQ Vinnie crushed opponents in the upper half of Pool 15, the lower half was a very interesting display. GULL MMG Pink_Fresh came out and played hard, sending YP | Bizzaro Flame into losers before being sent there himself by Poltergust. While KSM MJG‘s Villager came out to play hard he too was sent below by Poltergust, who then went on to face Vinnie losing in a tight 2-1 match. While MJG and Pink_Fresh both made strong runs in losers bracket, Pink_Fresh fell to MJG and MJG could not get passed the wall of Poltergust. Results: IQHQ Vinnie in Winners – Poltergust in Losers

Pool 16

MVG MVD showed what Florida Smash has to offer going 2-0 throughout his entire pool. Liquid`Hungrybox got off to a rough start after his fabulous doubles performance with ZeRo the day prior losing his very first match. He made quite a solid run through losers however before being taken down by Excla!m Y!kes. Acid also had a fine showing, but was double eliminated by ScAtt. Results: MVG MVD in Winners – ScAtt in Losers

As it is clear to see, each pool provided a plethora of hype inducing games all of which lead to an incredibly stacked top 32. How did the top 32 fare as they dwindled down to the top 8? Check out our Smash 4 Top 32 recap for more details!



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