CEO 2015 Top 32 Recap And Top 8 Predictions

There is only one word that can truly describe the Smash 4 action at CEO 2015: WOW! With $3000 dollars in pot bonuses at stake and a $500 dollar bounty on ZeRo’s head players brought out the best they had to offer in pools so they could have a coveted spot in the top 32. Only eight of these players could go past even this and have their theme song of choice played in the top 8 however. With so many excellent matches heading into it, here is our recap of the top 32!

KamiKario came out strong after sending NAKAT to losers within  his pool, but could not stand up to the mighty ZeRo. Shaky also had a great 2-0 match against VS NickRiddle, but was not able to take the first part of the bounty off ZeRo’s head.

ESAM had a unique opponent to face first in Trela. However, Trela’s unique mains were not enough to overcome ESAM as he pressed onward into winners. Dabuz had a tough opponent up first in Larry Lurr but secured the win to come up against the mighty ESAM. In a close match ESAM was able to clutch out a win against Dabuz and secure his spot in the top 8. He may not have much longer in the winners side of brackets, as his next opponent is the one and only ZeRo.

Nairo was able to secure two 2-0 victories on the winners side of brackets, one again GoTE 8BitMan and the other against TNS StaticManny to secure his top 8 placement. Just beneath him in bracket, Mr.R took on Tyrant coming out on top in a 2-0 match. MVD took a win over Vinnie and even managed a 2-1 victory against the European wonder to secure his own spot in the top 8. His match against Nairo will surely be an interesting thing to see.

Many other matches raged on in the losers side of brackets with many talented players fighting for their tournament lives. KDB saw his run ended early by falln, who himself was then eliminated by Vinnie. 6XW just wasn’t able to roll around at the speed of sound and lost his first match to Fatality who then lost against Tyrant. Vinnie pulled through over Tyrant however but was unable to take down Dabuz as he secured his own place in the top 8.

Both Neos and Tony could not break fast their first matches in the top 32 being defeated by Phuzix and Fresh Die Nasty respectively. While Fresh Die Nasty managed to continue on defeating 8BitMan,  Phuzix was quickly eliminated by Master Raven who also took down Fresh Die Nasty shortly after. Fresh off his match with ZeRo, Shaky was fired up and ready to go however, eliminating Master Raven in a 2-0 match to secure his own spot in the top 8. He will have to face the impenetrable wall that is Dabuz’s Rosalina however, do he has quite the challenge ahead of him.

Xaltis and TheReflexWonder saw their tournament lives ended by Chez (AWAL) and ANTi. ANTi went on to finally knock out Trela from the tournament, while Chez fell to Larry Lurr. Larry Lurr was able to power through ANTi however, and even took out Mr.R in a close 201 match to secure his own spot in the top 8.

Seagull Joe and Poltergust kept their dreams alive by taking down Myran and ScAtt respectively. However their journies were then quickly ended as they both suffered defeats to their opponents: NickRiddle and KamiKario. NickRiddle was able to dispatch of KamiKario in a 2-0 match, and went on to secure a spot in the top 8 by defeating StaticManny. NickRiddle and Larry Lurr will be surely bring on the hype as they each fight for the potential to keep battling on.


Top 8 Predictions

With such an incredible amount of talent, who do I think will take the top 8? This took a lot of thinking and I would not be surprised if my entire predictions turned out to be a bust tomorrow as all of these players have serious potential. Without further ado, here is my top 8:

7th Shaky – While he’s been playing quite strongly, Dabuz is just too large a mountain for him to climb.

7th NickRiddle – I expect this match to be close, but Larry Lurr will pull through in the end.

5th MVD – While also strong, he’d be coming up against Dabuz in losers bracket, a match I do not think he can win

5th Larry Lurr – I expect ZeRo to pull out the win against ESAM who I think can take down Larry Lurr. If ZeRo ends up in his place however, I can see no other outcome.

4th Dabuz – While an incredibly potent talent, ESAM’s Pikachu is incredibly stellar and has the speed and tools to potentially take down his Rosalina

3rd ESAM – While a seriously potent threat in the tournament, I think he won’t be able to break through the wall that is ZeRo, though I would be pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.

2nd ZeRo – The shocker in this prediction. Nairo is on fire, and with his vast array of characters I not only think he could be capable of sending ZeRo to losers, but of taking the entire bounty.

1st Nairo – While many currently would consider him an underdog with ZeRo at the event, Nairo has shown he has the talent and skill to make any tournament his own. I predict the reign of ZeRo will finally end just before Evo 2015, and a new rivalry and storyline will begin.


Think these are insane? Want to voice your own opinions? Be sure to debate my choices in the comments below and leave your own top 8 picks for everyone to discuss.


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