Dismantle 2: The Regional Turned National

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Dismantle 2 has gone from being just a Midwest Circuit event to a recognized national tournament featuring top players Nairo, Dabuz, Vinnie, Ally, Zinoto, MJG and more. With 237  total entrants competing in Smash 4 at the Poplar Creek Bowl venue, this is Chicago’s biggest Smash 4 tournament ever.

Favorites in Flux

Though Dismantle 2 is the first tournament in the Midwest Circuit for 2016, it has drawn out talent from across the U.S. with its $350 pot bonus and top players confirming attendance. Most notably, Team Liquid’s Nairo, who many consider second best in the world, is in attendance. Unfortunately for him, he’s coming off a loss to Tweek and his Cloud at Smash 4-Ever 31.

Nairo isn’t the only top player who’s lost in an upset going into Dismantle. Boreal Gaming’s Ally recently lost to Zinoto of Pulse Gaming in a surprise 3-0 at SFW #19. With both of these players in attendance, Dismantle may be where Ally finds revenge, or Zinoto proves once again that Michigan is a top smash 4 state.

As Nairo and Ally are on notice,  PG | MVD have been on point. MVD has been winning locally with grand fashion. Besides dominating wins versus Nick Riddle, MVD has pulled out a variety of side characters to take out Seibrik. At Dismantle 2, we’ll have to see if he’s willing to pull out his Mario, Luigi or Captain Falcon to assist his formidable Diddy Kong.

Midwest Rising

As one of the most slept on regions, the Midwest, especially outside of Michigan, is more talented than our view counts tend to show. MJG, winner of Kings of the North 4 and famed doubles player, is in attendance. His recent play has been looking more like Ranai, the acclaimed best Villager in the world.

Defending Chicago from the national threats will be the GGA and E2C crews. The GGA crew has been keen in defending the Midwest from other regions. GGA | Dan defended the Midwest in a dominating semifinals 3-0 and strong 3-2 sets versus NS | Falln at Kings of the North. Dan placed the highest of the GGA crew at the regional, taking second to MJG. At Dismantle.

On the fringe from the Midwest will be E2C | Gottoms and Circa | PowPow. Both players represent the relatively weaker regions of Missouri and Wisconsin respectively and will be looking to prove that they can show up on a national stage.

Only The Beginning

Dismantle 2 is the first event for the Midwest Circuit that will run between January and August 2016. The circuit will include nine different regionals in nine different states leading up to the finale tournament to be held in early August. Players who place top 3 at Dismantle and the other circuit events will be invited to the final and placed in round 2 pools while 4th-32nd will earn circuit points with 10 points being the minimum requirement to be directly added to round 2 of pools. With Dismantle 2 being the size of a national tournament with top-level attendants, the Midwest Circuit is going to be a hype and action packed slew of events.

It all starts January 2nd at 11:00 a.m. with Smash 4 3v3s followed by doubles. The two-day event will have Smash 4 doubles top 8 and singles top 64 take place on Sunday, January third.

Smash 4 will be streamed on: twitch.tv/events2compete and the event is hosted by Events2Compete


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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