Evo 2015 Top 32 Data

Evo 2015’s record breaking Smash 4 tournament is over. The top thirty two held some surprising, and some not so surprising results considering it was the 1.08/9 patch era. The statistics should help in forming future debates on character, stage and regional discussion in regards to Smash 4’s future at Smash Con.

Regional Representation

Top 32 by Region

Atlantic North (Tristate + MD/VA + New England) has the most amount of players in the top 32 bracket of Evo with eleven players. This may not be so surprising considering the East Coast’s dominant performance in the crew battle versus the West Coast. Europe was only represented by Mr. R. Japan is likely the most surprising, only having Rain and Abadango represent their region in top 32 after Neitono lost in the first set of pools. Even though the U.S. had the most participants in the top 32, half the top 8 were international players, while the tournament was won by Chile with ZeRo’s victory. The global competition in Smash 4 is likely to evolve as Mexico is showing that they have strong players that can compete with the world’s top players after Evo and Smash Factor 4.

Character Selection*

Total 218 Characters selected in 109 Games

Top 32 Character W/L and Picks

Unsurprisingly, Sheik was selected in nearly a quarter of all matches played in a tournament with a legal 52 character roster. On top of this, she won 59.62% of her games while being picked so often.  While Rosalina, Wario, and Olimar have higher win ratios, they were represented by fewer players.  Additionally, eight players were able to represent Sheik in the top 32, two being the winner and runner ups ZeRo and Mr. R.  Sheik was highly dominant on the 1.08 patch, and Evo showed it.

While 20 characters were played, compared to Melee, there was less character representation.  38.5% of the characters were played in Smash 4’s top 32 while Melee had 12 characters, or 46.1% of its roster represented at Evo’s top 32. As the meta game is young, it’s likely that player diversity will increase as time goes on and more matchups are mastered. As the metagame develops through patches and player exploration, I’d expect Sheik’s numbers to drop slightly, but as time has shown since the 1.05 era of Diddy Kong, Sheik is likely to be used and win heavily unless major patches hinder her gameplay.

As a side note, Luigi saw surprisingly low amounts of game time in the top eight, with the only solo Luigi player making it to top 32 being Mr. ConCon and then False who also played Sheik.

Stage Select*

Top 32 Stage Selections

Between the four stages generally considered starters (Smashville, Final Destination, Battlefield, Town & City), 93 of the 107 games, or 87.2% of games were played on one of these four even with Full List Stage Striking available. Smashville is easily the most used stage as it was played in 43.12% of games. It looks like Halberd, Delfino and Castle Siege are on the fringe of play, only seeing 3 games combined. Surprisingly, Duck Hunt saw more play than Lylat Cruise. Even with the odd ledge mechanics patched out, it seems that player’s still dislike playing on Lylat.  With many of the used characters in top 32 having strong vertical kill options, Town & City was used often as a pick. This may be due to bans going towards Delfino and Halberd as both stages of low ceilings.

Number of Player’s using Customs*

Players using customs once or more

While many top players have stated that they do not like customs, it shows that players are still willing to use them if they feel that customs will assist in certain matchups. The best example is Nairo’s Zero Suit Samus, using a blaster that works similarily to a single falco laser to even the playing field with ZeRo and Mr. R’s needle camping. Even with 19 players using customs at some point in the top 32, the top two players didn’t use customs at all. Along with this, only one Mii player, Dapuffster, made it to top 32 with Mii Brawler.

*Character and Stage stats are from 43 of 46 sets as some sets were unrecorded.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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  • Colin Noga

    In Character Selection, paragraph 2 you state that Melee has more character diversity than Smash 4, but your comparison is inaccurate.

    Smash 4 has 20 characters in the top 32, as stated, and Melee had 12. In terms of absolute value, Smash 4 had more character diversity. However, at this point you decided to normalize the statistics by roster size, which is a fair objective. You were asking ‘Compared to the total roster, how much diversity was present?’. This should yield a result that says how balanced a game is.

    However, in that case, you also need to normalize by opportunity to choose the characters. By normalizing by roster size, you effectively halved the opportunity of Smash 4 players to choose different characters in your result, because the number of players (32) remained unchanged however the number of options that you were dividing them in ratio to was approximately doubled (as Smash 4 has approximately double the roster size).

    So in order to compare the two results properly and get the ratio of used characters to roster size, you would need to compare either the Smash 4 top 64 ratio with the Melee top 32 ratio, or the Smash 4 top 32 with the Melee top 16. Doing so would thus give the correct amount of opportunity per roster size ratio and yield the correct results for the question you were asking.

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