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Seven hundred seventy-seven entrant singles entrants.  Japanese players, Abadango, Komorikiri and Kamemushi and two of Europe’s Best with Mr. R and Sodrek.  North American favorites Nairo, Dabuz, Larry Lurr and Evo 2016 champion, Ally. Dominator of 2015 and last year’s champion, ZeRo. This is The Big House 6.

A Lasting Legacy

Ever since starting as a Midwest regional in October 2011, The Big House has grown into the international major tournament series it is today, getting bigger and bigger each year. Last year, it was the first time we saw TSM | ZeRo bleed. After being stuffed by Seagull Joe, the then undisputed best in the world defeated MVD to make top 32 on losers side. He then went on to win the tournament with the most impressive losers bracket run seen so far, beating Spark (then going by All Might), Wizzrobe, Ally, ESAM, Zenyou, Rayquaza, Anti, Dabuz, and finally besting Nairo in two sets. It was his 54th tournament win in a row and the last tournament he won before his streak ended at the MLG World Finals to Nairo.

The field couldn’t be more different. No one can solely claim they are the best in the world. If anyone tries to say they know who will win The Big House 6, think again. No one is untouchable.

The New Best? Prove it.

Even if C9 | Ally  is speculated to be the best in the world, there will never be another ZeRo in Smash 4. Since his win at Evo, Ally hasn’t won a major Smash 4 event. The large events he has won since are Breakout 5, a midwest regional, and the Rio de Janeiro eGames showcase, where he was invited. Ally needs to show that his #1 seed isn’t an honor given just because he won the largest smash 4 event yet. Ally will have to beat or out-place the other favorites, ZeRo, Kamemushi, Larry Lurr, Nairo and Dabuz in order to lay claim to the empty Smash 4 throne.

Witch Time: Bayonetta Rising

Fitting for October, nearly every top Bayonetta player in the U.S is competing at The Big House. Missing only Tyroy due to a last week change. This includes

  • VGBC | Pink Fresh: Winner of 2GG KTAR Saga, beating Marss in Winners Finals and Grand Finals while out-placing Void, Tyrant, Mr. R and Mr. E
  • 7s | Saj: Defeated Nairo in R1 pools of Pound 2016 and finishing 13th while beating Pink Fresh and Nakat
  • NLG DMG | Captain Zack: 9th overall at 2GG Abadango Saga, knocking Larry Lurr into Losers and beating Mr. ConCon. He Also beat Mew2King and Fatality at Clutch City Clash in August.
  • CT | Salem: Always the underdog, recently double eliminating ZeRo, besting Nairo, then taking two sets off Tweek to win Collision XIV.

After one of the biggest overall nerfs in Smash 4, Bayonetta has become one of the most hype characters to watch.  With four of the best Bayonetta players in attendance, It would be a surprise to not see at least one of them take out multiple favorites to win the tournament.

Only in the Midwest

The Big House is the biggest Midwest major series, and the Midwest, as always, has something to prove. Outside Ally, Zinoto, and a handful of top names, Midwest players are known for being unknown due to a lack of travelling. This time, players from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana are heading to The Big House in order to help Michigan defend the region.

Michigan, Ohio and Illinois are where the biggest threats will come from, Zinoto, Ryuga, and Rayquaza, all hailing from Michigan, are the mid-bosses to watch out for. Ryuga’s resurgence on Corrin has been a pleasure to watch, and Rayquaza’s performance last year, placing 5th, will be what he wants to out-perform.

From Ohio comes the constant Dark Horse of any large Midwest tournament: DarkShad. He has surprisingly beaten the likes of Abadango, Zinoto, Tweek and iStudying. Finally, from Chicago, are Ned and JJROCKETS. While Ned is seemingly always upsetting predictions, placing 25th at Evo 2016 and with a set win on Ally at Smash’n’Splash 2, JJROCKETS has only beaten Komorikiri when he SD’d. This will be a proving ground for him to try and beat another top level player. Last year, the Midwest won the regional crew battles. This year, lets see how the region does in bracket.

The House Only Gets Bigger

The Big House has grown every single year since its inception. There are over 250 more entrants in Smash 4 than there were last year. The sheer amount of top talent is like nothing the Midwest has seen. Who will own the Big House?
Unrivaled Tournaments, one of the fastest growing and most recognized streams in the Midwest, will be the head stream for Smash 4. The event will begin October 7th at 11a.m. EST. Top 8 is predicted to begin at 4.pm. EST on October 9th. Brackets can be found on Smash.gg and more information can be found on the UMN Smash Page.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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