Hungrybox Sleeps On The Competition at CEO 2015

When everyone heard that Mew2King won’t be making it to CEO 2015, many questions arose – One such being that who would ZeRo be teaming with? The champions of Apex 2015 were set to team at CEO 2015 as well, but with Mew2King suddenly unable to make it, ZeRo was left without a teammate, until he found one of the most unlikely options – Liquid Hungrybox.

While most known for his skills in Melee, players know Hungrybox from the start of Smash 4 with participating in the Smash Bros. Invitational at E3 2014 – making it to the finals against ZeRo with Kirby. Now that his favored pink puff-ball is in the game, Hungrybox has switched back to his Melee main, Jigglypuff.

Not even NTDOY | Reggie could stop Hungrybox!

Not even NTDOY | Reggie could stop Hungrybox!

This was quite the interesting pairing for a team. While Hungrybox might not have the most matchup knowledge for Smash 4, his knowledge and support with ZeRo will certainly get him far. How far though? An outstanding third place! Very few thought the invitational duo would be able to make it this far, and before they knew it – Hungrybox was the talk of the tournament.

While Jigglypuff is known as a great support character for teams in Melee, she is often slept on in Smash 4, and is rarely seen in the current meta. CEO 2015 was the first time we’ve ever seen Jigglypuff taken to such a level, even at times where people questioned if Hungrybox carried ZeRo through some matches! When things looked grim, Hungrybox showed that his knowledge of the character and reading opponents was able to help him land many Rests, one of the strongest moves in the game. Whether it was by reading rolls, proper spacing, or following up pristine set-ups by ZeRo, opponents against Hungrybox fell stock after stock to the basic level Pokemon.

But was it just his prowess in teams? One of the shocker moments of the tournament was ZeRo and Hungrybox vs Dabuz and StaticManny, which came down to a 1v1 of Hungrybox vs Dabuz. This should be a cake walk for Dabuz, right? Think again. See the two face off, along with all of Hungrybox’s best rests throughout the tournament, in this highlight video uploaded by KOOPYZz:

CT Chibo

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