Mew2King’s Soul Searching in Smash 4

It’s a new Smash game and everyone expects Mew2King to be at the top of it. He might not even want it or expect it necessarily, but hot off the trail of both Melee and Brawl (along with some great skill in 64 as well), there’s no one that wouldn’t expect Mew2King to be one of the best Smash 4 players around.

Mew2King started playing right away with Japanese copies of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and while he might not have taken the game as seriously as others, he still saw some early success in the game and played a few different characters, perhaps most notably Sonic.

When the Wii U version launched (and the patch that came with it), Mew2King heavily invested his time into Diddy Kong, the same main as fellow friend ZeRo. Mew2King quickly rose to being one of the best Smash 4 players, winning tournaments across the country and making Top 8 at Apex. Mew2King also continued his doubles prowess with ZeRo, as the pair of Kongs won Apex 2015 and won a free trip to Japan to compete in Chokaigi 2015.

Zero M2k

Fast forward a few months to the present and everyone who has been following the scene will admit the same thing – Mew2King is no longer the player he used to be in Smash 4. Granted the game has not even been out for a year, yet it’s like we’ve seen an entire rise and fall of one of our best known players. I particularly saw a big shift in Mew2King at day 2 of Smash n’ Splash, a Midwest national sized event. Mew2King had made it to winners side of top 8 at the event, though note that this was the same day that Lucas, Ryu, and Roy were released for the game – along with a new devastating balance patch.

While the patch may have been enjoyed or neutral for many, Mew2King started to see how Diddy was hit hard with his 2nd nerf now, taking the once best-in-the-game character down to what people suspect is around top 15. Sure this isn’t bad in a cast of 50+ characters, but for players investing a lot of time in the character on the eve of CEO and Evo like Mew2King, this was not pleasant news. As soon as top 8 started, Mew2King neglected to go Diddy Kong, despite the game still running on the patch before the Lucas launch.

“It’s useless to invest time into Diddy now, and I need to prepare other characters” Mew2King said when asked on the character choice. While many would commend him on such immediate preparation, everyone saw a different Mew2King. He tried going Palutena, Rosalina, and others – but none of them appeared to click. Sure he has invested a little bit of time into these characters so they weren’t completely uncharted territory to him, but what we saw was a Mew2King that indeed was not the king of this tournament, and placed 5th at the event that no one would have expected him to place below 2nd at. It wasn’t just him falling to both Scatt and Shel, but a clear change in play style and confidence going into Top 8.



Since then, Mew2King has been facing medical issues leaving him unable to attend CEO, and a desire to start shifting away from competitive play. It’s certainly a shame and something the entire community wishes to see him bounce back from. In this time however, we still have not yet found the answer to his new main. It’s clear that Mew2King no longer desires Diddy Kong for competitive Smash 4, but where will he turn?

This coincides with another huge issue impacting the Smash 4 community – customs. Our community has consistently switched between customs on and off for months now since release, jumping back and forth so much that our two largest tournaments, CEO and Evo, less than a month apart aren’t running the same ruleset. The community expects customs to die off after the juggernaut that is Evo in just a few weeks, but that means many options available to characters in Smash 4 will also be leaving as well – and how does this affect Mew2King?



The key word there in ZeRo’s tweet however is “almost”, and that carries true for Mew2King. While the community has been split on customs (and even largely leaning in favor of them previously according to polls), ZeRo is correct that many top players do not favor custom characters, save for Mew2King:


Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 5.07.28 PM

Caption taken from a status of mine on the discussion of custom moves in Smash 4.


If Mew2King is having issues finding home in a new character as it is with Smash 4, we can only imagine that his options will be even further limited if customs indeed die out after Evo if he desires them in competitive play. In preparing for the customs-off meta, many players have flocked to characters such as Luigi and Sheik, while we’ve seen Mew2King gravitate the most to Rosalina, Palutena, and Mii Brawler – two of which require custom moves to be enabled (though Mii Brawler could still remain in customs off). If customs remained off and Mew2King continues to compete in competitive Smash 4, could we see more Rosalina play from him and have someone challenge Dabuz for his throne as the best space waifu, or could we see him pick up an entirely different character?

I for one hope to see Mew2King mega-evolve out of this Smash 4 limbo and return to his former glory at the top of the game. I wish him the best for his recent finger injuries and hope to see him regain that competitive fire and spirit. I know that I won’t be the only one awaiting his return, and when he does, an entire venue and online audience will be ready to chant his name.

CT Chibo

Chibo is a long time member of the competitive Smash community, dating back to Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2007. He has shown prowess as a competitor, tournament organizer, live streamer, and more. Chibo is the owner of CLASH Tournaments, one of the leading media providers for the Smash community.

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