Recommended Ruleset

While we do not necessarily believe this is the be-all and end-all ruleset, we feel that this is a great ruleset that many can agree on in the best interest of the players and tournament organizer. You are free to link to this page and use it as your ruleset at an event, or copy and paste it and modify it as you please.

  • 2 Stocks
  • 6 Minute Time Limit
  • Customs Off*
  • Players may create Miis to be used with any move, as long as they use a system default Mii (middle height/weight).
  • Pause is set to off.
  • The outcome of the game is always followed with the exception of a sudden death occurrence at time out. Whichever team had less total % is declared the winner. In the event of tied percent at time out or a sudden death occurring not at time out (players losing their last stock at the same exact time), a 1 stock 3 minute rematch will be played.
  • Players may not use a Wii U Gamepad. All other control options are at the responsibility of the player.
    * We believe that customs on is also a valid meta as well. In the event that you wish to run a customs enabled event, we recommend that you allow 3DS Upload so players can upload any set they wish to use, and not be limited to a predetermined list of sets.


  • Starter Stages: Battlefield/Miiverse*, Final Destination/Omegas**, Smashville, Town and City, Dreamland 64
  • Counterpick Stages: Lylat Cruise, Delfino Plaza, Duck Hunt, Castle Siege
  • Each team has 2 stage bans.
  • Teams may not select a stage they have already won on.
    * Battlefield and Miiverse are interchangeable at all points and may be picked. If one stage is ever stricken or banned, so is the other one.
    ** Final Destination and all Omega Stages are interchangeable at all points and may be picked. If one stage is ever stricken or banned, Final Destination and all Omega Stages together will be stricken and/or banned.

Set Procedure:

  • Teams may elect to do a double blind pick to select characters.
  • Teams decide which team will strike first, typically through a process like Rock-Paper-Scissors, where the winner picks to strike first or second.
  • The 5 starter stages are stricken in a 1-2-1 format. The remaining stage is chosen for game 1.
  • For all subsequent games, the previous winner selects up to 2 stages to ban from the rest of the set if they have yet to. The loser then picks the stage for the next game from all remaining available stages. They may not select a stage they have already won on. The previous winner then selects their character(s), then the previous loser then selects their character(s).

Additional Rules for Teams:

  • The stock and time limit should be changed to 3 stock and 8 minute.
  • Players are expected to pick a character costume that best matches the team color they are on.
  • Team attack is set to on.


This ruleset was created by taking the most agreed upon rules between the members of the team. This ruleset may change in the future, and all updates to it will be notified here.