Smash 4 at Genesis 3 – The International Rivalry

Smash Wii U had an explosive start into the new year at Genesis 3, packed with many upsets and great moments in all 3 tournaments – Singles, Doubles, and Regional Crews. Many old rivalries were fought, and many new ones birthed at this tournament. The most exciting part of Genesis 3 for Smash Wii U was Japan coming in full force to fight against the best from around the world. Much like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the international rivalry between the USA and Japan is very alive and fierce, and Genesis 3 featured the best the Japanese had to offer. From returning well known Brawl vets to the rise of the new age of top players, this tournament was a great way to start off 2016!

Regional Crews

For the first time in the history for Smash WiiU, Genesis 3 featured a single elimination Regional Crew Battle tournament featuring 5 players from each region involved (Texas, Southwest, MD/VA, Tristate, SoCal, Mexico, Japan, Midwest and Florida) and 2 subs per crew. In the finals, Japan vs SoCal was a very exciting match. To qualify, both crews won very intense sets, Japan defeated Mexico in a close set while SoCal vs Tristate came down to both anchors, TSM ZeRo and Liquid Nairo with 3 stocks left in each crew, and ZeRo was able to win with two stocks left. SoCal put up a hard fight vs Japan but in the end it was ZeRo with 3 stocks vs 3 stocks of Ranai and 3 stocks of Komorikiri. ZeRo was almost able to beat Ranai with 2 stocks left but Ranai fought hard and evened it up, and ZeRo fought Komorikiri’s Cloud with 1 stock and got him to 2 stocks at 80% before he lost to an up-air. All of Japan screamed in joy over the victory, and all of the other regions realized that this would be a long weekend and a very hard battle to win in both doubles and singles.

Full List of 10 Crews along with Captains & Players


SoCal Japan Florida


Captain: Trevonte Captains: Zan & BAM Captain: Abadango Captains: ESAM & NickRiddle Captains: Keitaro
Trevonte ZeRo Abadango ESAM Nairo
Teb LarryLurr 9B MVD Dabuz
Ito VoiD Ranai 8bitman False
Zex Falln Komorikiri Ryo Tweek
Shaky ConCon Rain Nick Riddle NAKAT
Subs: Subs: Subs: Subs: Subs:
DSS Tyrant Earth Heero DKwill
Nitro Slayerz Nietono Day 6WX


Mexico Texas Midwest


Captain: Remzi Captains: Soulfist & Citi Captain: Trela Captain: Ori Captain: Z
Remzi Hyuga Trela Zinoto FOW
Seagull Joe Ryuk The Wall MJG K9sbruce
Mister Eric Waymas Espy Ryuga SS
Logic Regi DJ Fliphop Ally Lycan
Pink Fresh IC Karna JJRockets Z
Subs: Subs: Subs: Subs: Subs:
Acid Manzano Denti Akiro Villain
GimR Nalga SaSSy Dan Zombe
Credit to Robert Paul

Japan wins crews! Credit to Robert Paul


This certainly felt like the throwback to Apex 2013 as the Japanese came in full force to America. We all figured that Japan doesn’t take the doubles metagame quite as seriously as the US, and it would be likely to find us take the gold medal on our home turf. This proved to be quite the opposite however as upset after upset happened, with results that no one would expect. The team favored to win the entire event, Nairo and ZeRo, fell early in the winners bracket to Marss and Pugwest from New England. This brought quite the upset to the losers bracket, and prevented some teams from placing further than they had hoped, such as FOW and MJG. In the end the Nairo and ZeRo were able to bring it back all the way to Grand Finals against the champions of the Winners Bracket – Ranai and Komorikiri. ZeRo and Nairo were able to secure the first set and have the run back for Set 2 of Grand Finals, but in the end, Ranai and Komorikiri were able to bring the doubles title home for Japan.


This is the where legends are born and the average joes are separated from the best to ever do it. The tournament featured 1098 players total from many different countries all over the world. The tournament started with R1 of pools that lasted all day Friday, and this would bring the tournament from 1098 to only 192 entrants. R2 pools was the most exciting part of the tournament in my opinion, due to the fact of how many upsets took place and how many people were able to prove themselves as great players. R2 took the 192 players and would size it down to only 8 which would play on Championship Sunday.

Here is a list of some crazy upsets made by RedditMatthew on /r/smashbros:

Sent to Losers

  • MVD sent to Losers by Xzax
  • 9B sent to Losers by Angel Cortes
  • Rain sent to Losers by 6WX
  • Nairo sent to Losers by Hyuga
  • Vinnie sent to Losers by Xzax
  • Trela sent to Losers by DJ Jack
  • ESAM sent to Losers by Teb
  • Abadango sent to Losers by Zan
  • MJG sent to Losers by EKING


  • Zenyou eliminated by Pink Fresh
  • 9B eliminated by Zex
  • Mew2King eliminated by Big D
  • MVD eliminated by Marss
  • Ryo eliminated by Raptor
  • Umeki eliminated by Cacogen
  • Vinnie eliminated by MrConCon
  • Regi Shikimi eliminated by Xaltis
  • Abadango eliminated by Zinoto

After a long day of R2 pools, the Top 8 ended up being TSM ZeRo vs Dabuz and Ranai vs GW FOW in Winners, and 2GG VoiD vs #THE FAD Larry Lurr and Marsss vs Liquid Nairo in Losers. Some of these players were definitely not projected to do as well as they did, but put on one hell of a show in Top 8. 2GG VoiD surprised the world by getting 4th place, beating great players such as Ryuji, Jtails, DJ Jack, Shaky, Larry Lurr, and FOW. Dabuz put on an amazing show beating his NJ/NY rival Nairo 3-0 in losers, double eliminating 2GG VoiD, and beating Japan’s best player, Ranai. TSM ZeRo continued to show the world he is indeed the best to ever do it and won the tournament without dropping a set beating Umeki, Earth, Mr.R, Dabuz twice, and Ranai.


ZeRo emerges victorious! Credit to Robert Paul

Top 32 Results:

TSM ZeRo – Sheik and Diddy Kong

Dabuz  – Rosalina and Luma (lost to ZeRo twice)

Ranai – Villager (lost to ZeRo & Dabuz)

2GG VoiD – Sheik (lost to Dabuz twice)

GW FOW – Ness(lost to Ranai & VoiD)
Liquid Nairo – Zero Suit Samus (lost to Hyuga & Dabuz)

#THE FAD Larry Lurr – Fox and Donkey Kong (lost to FOW & VoiD)
Marss  – Zero Suit Samus (lost to Ranai & Nairo)

Shaky – Ness(lost to Ally & Void)
LLL Mr. R – Sheik (lost to Zero & Larry)
Boreal Ally – Mario  (lost to Ranai & Nairo)
Smashfactor Hyuga – Toon Link (lost to FOW and Marss)

NME Tyrant – Meta Knight (lost to Mr R & Shaky)
Circa 6WX – Sonic (lost to Hyuga & Larry)
PG Esam – Pikachu  (lost to Teb & Nairo)
Earth – Pit(lost to Zero & Marss)

Cacogen – Sheik (lost to Earth & Shaky)
NME Xzax – Fox (lost to Ranai & Tyrant)
Fatality – Captain Falcon  (lost to the TOs and Larry Lurr)
SU Trela – Ryu (lost to DJ Jack & 6WX)
Ito – Meta Knight (lost to VoiD & Nairo)
Oni Heero – Sonic (Static Manny)  (lost to Dabuz & Esam)
Komorikiri -Cloud and Sonic  (lost to Mr R & Marss)
FAD SlayerZ – Peach  (lost to Ally & Earth)

Trevonte – Sheik  (lost to Earth & Cacogen)
IQHQ DKWill – Donkey Kong (lost to Tyrant twice)
DtN Nietono – Diddy Kong (lost to Dabuz & Fatality)
Pulse Zinoto – Diddy Kong (lost to Ito & Trela)
Rain Sheik and Cloud (lost to 6WX & Nairo)\
RIN – WiiFit Trainer (lost to SeagullJoe & Esam)
SS Mr. Con Con – Luigi (lost to Ribs & Marss)
CLG NAKAT  – Pikachu , Ness, and Fox (lost to Shaky & SlayerZ)

Smash Wii U at Genesis 3 was a huge success and an amazing way to start off 2016, especially after all the hype from 2015. This game is getting bigger with sponsors, prize pools, and the number of entrants at big events. Hopefully we can continue to create amazing moments and have big numbers at tournaments. This year is just starting but it’s looking promising for Smash WiiU, lets all do the best we can and support these big tournaments and develop the meta-game the best we can!

This article was written by @NMEXzax and edited with additions by @CT_Chibo

NME Xzax

Xzax, sponsored by NME Esports, is a top professional Super Smash Bros. Brawl/WiiU Player, SoCal Smash 4 Panelist, and an active content creator.

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  • caseykz

    ‘Japan defeated Mexico in a close set’
    Yep, komorikiri did not totally take revenge for his doubles partner.
    Funny commentary though, worth watching.