Smash 4 Entrants At Evo 2015: One Thousand, Nine Hundred Twenty-Six!

Evo 2015

The Smash 4 scene has exploded in excitement with the release of entry numbers for Evo 2015. Smash 4 will have the honor of its first year at Evo boasting the second largest game at the event, the largest Smash 4 bracket to date, and the largest Smash tournament of all time with one thousand, nine hundred twenty-six entrants!

Even more exciting is the number of unique entrants for each Smash game at Evo 2015. There are only five hundred sixteen players going to play both games. Joer “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar analyized how many entrants this meant for each game:

Brackets have also shown up for the event, but they have “DRAFT” pasted all over them and Mr. Wizard has confirmed himself they are not yet final. Still it can be a bit of fun to check them out and see who you might be playing at the particular moment, and watch how pools shift before finalization.

Evo 2015 just keeps looking to be incredibly exciting, and Smash4U will have live coverage of the event to satisfy the needs of all fans of Smash 4. How excited are you for the event? Tell us in the comments below, and let us know on Twitter!


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