The Best Losers Bracket Run Smash Has Seen

We all know that ZeRo is currently the best Smash 4 player, no surprise there. Every event players and spectators are eager to see who will be that fated person to take him completely out of the tournament. No matter how grim the situation is, the man refuses to go down.

The Big House 5 this past weekend was perhaps the most grim a situation could be. ZeRo claimed on Twitter that he was having issues and contemplated not entering the event, and then fell to Seagull Joe early in the tournament back on Saturday, FAR before Top 8.

Few remained positive, but everyone thought this would be ZeRo’s time to settle for not hitting gold. Is that what happened?

… Of course not.

ZeRo came back in the losers bracket in one of his strongest performances yet. Here is every set he played in order after losing to Seagull Joe:

  • MVD; 2-0
  • StaticManny; 2-0
  • Wizzrobe; 2-0
  • Ally; 3-0
  • ESAM; 3-1
  • Zenyou; 3-0
  • Rayquaza07; 3-1
  • Anti; 3-2
  • Dabuz; 3-1
  • Nairo; 3-0
  • Nairo; 3-2

11 total sets against an army of players who are all top 8 material. Save for a few heart attacks, he did it. Just like that, everything was back to normal. ZeRo was back on top like nothing from the previous day had ever happened. I guess we’ll have to wait until next time to see if we’ll see someone else at the top. Think it’ll happen at MLG? No way… right?

CT Chibo

Chibo is a long time member of the competitive Smash community, dating back to Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2007. He has shown prowess as a competitor, tournament organizer, live streamer, and more. Chibo is the owner of CLASH Tournaments, one of the leading media providers for the Smash community.

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