The Best Sets of the Weekend 5/13-5/15

Every weekend there are hundreds of competitive Smash 4 sets played, and no one has enough time to watch them all. Every weekend, I plan on keeping track of some of the best sets and posting them here.


Grand Finals: Zinoto vs Tyroy

Diddy Kong vs Bayonetta
Youtube Vod

In what is quickly becoming a Midwest classic grand finals, Zinoto and Tyroy are, again, fighting in grand finals. Tyroy plays the best he has against Zinoto in this set. Despite that, Zinoto’s DI is incredible this set, getting out of multiple death combos that Tyroy sets up with Witch Twist.

Bam 8

Losers Quarter Finals: Waverider vs Umeki

Peach vs Wii Fit Trainer/Greninja
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This set is an example of how to adapt to strange matchups in unfamiliar territory. Both Waverider and Umeki’s characters are relatively rare. To make this matchup even more interesting, both characters movement options are vastly different from standard movement in character’s like Fox, or Ness. This set is a nail biter, going to game 5 and with Waverider surprising who is considered the best Peach in the world.

Winners Finals: Mr. R vs 9b

Sheik vs Bayonetta
Youtube Vod 

The best Bayonetta in the world vs the best solo Sheik in the world. Every game, no matter Mr. R or 9b’s percent, it could go either way. Mr. R’s sheik played immaculate neutral game and both players trade dominating wins over the other in this five game set.

Grand Finals: Mr. R vs Abadango

Sheik vs Mewtwo
Youtube Vod

Even after winning Pound 2016, Abadango still has more Mewtwo tricks up his sleeve. After besting 9b in Losers Finals, Abadango faced off against Europe’s best. Mr. R. Abadango reveals creative ways to confirm into up smash with and without disable confirms. The nerfs to Sheik really show as she loses her stocks early and has major trouble killing, but still dominates neutral. This is a long and entertaining set.

Lvl Up Expo

Winners Finals and Grand Finals: Nairo vs Void

Zero Suit Samus vs Sheik
WF Youtube Vod
GF Youtube Vod

If you enjoy high paced action with aggressive reads, adaptation and risky instant decision-making, these are the sets for you. Void’s Sheik looks fresh in these sets, performing perfect pivot crouch down tilts and spacing  his moves so they set-up a 50-50 scenario that sheik was known for before patch 1.1.5. Nairo’s ZSS also adapted to the patch changes. His edge guarding and recovery have shown improvement. His punish game is still hurt by the patch changes to ZSS up air and up b, but Nairo still shows he has tricks up his sleeves.


Losers Top 8: 6WX vs Hooded

Sonic vs Ryu
Youtube Vod

Smashadelphia was a tournament of upsets, and we saw the #1 seed 6WX not only go to the loser’s bracket by GwJ’s Bayonetta, but then be knocked out to 7th place by Hooded from the DMG crew. 6WX has an impressive list of tournament wins, and was recently recognized as the best Sonic worldwide according to ZeRo. Despite his rise to fame since Apex 2015, Hooded has been known to be one of the most technical Ryu mains, and has provided a plethora of knowledge and discovery for the character. Hooded shows that speed doesn’t matter against a shoryuken in the face.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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