The Best Sets of the Weekend 5/20-5/22

This weekend was all about Get On My Level 2016. The tournament featured MKLeo’s first tournament outside of Mexico, ZeRo’s return from an injury, Mr. R after winning BAM 8, and Ally on his home turf. Top 32 was all best of 5 with two dedicated streams, so many sets had the opportunity to go down to the wire. These sets were some of the best sets of the tournament and of the weekend, so I hope you enjoy watching them.

Get On My Level 2016

Losers Quarter Finals: ZeRo vs MKLeo

Meta Knight/Cloud vs Diddy Kong
Youtube Vod

The set that came too many patches too late. After Leo had defeated Mr. R and Vinnie in Mexico, the world wanted to see Leo vs ZeRo. But too many months passed and the fated battle came only after Meta Knight and Sheik faced significant nerfs. ZeRo goes all Diddy Kong in this set. Leo, after losing game 1, only taking a stock with a rogue dair at high percent, switches to Cloud only to lose game 2 as well. Leo flips a switch in game 3 and follows all of ZeRo’s side b movements. On top of this, Leo’s perfect pivot movement is on point, out spacing and mixing up his movement enough to make this set close.

Winners Round 1: Ally vs Mr. E

Mario vs Marth
Twitch Vod 

This set nearly changed the dynamic of the entire tournament. Besides in grand finals, this was Ally’s most difficult set. Mr. E, who ZeRo claims is tied with Pugwest for best Marth in the world, gained a 2-0 lead over Ally to start the set. His spacing was beautiful. Mario has trouble with swords, so even in theory, this match-up is a difficult one. But Ally is a comeback master. With a dunk and a few up smashes, Ally tied up the set 2-2. Marth isn’t known to be a top tournament competitive character in Smash 4, but this set showed a lot of Marth’s tricks as well as showing how Ally adapts to a tricky opponent.

Winner’s Quarters: Larry Lurr vs Mr. R

Fox vs Sheik
Youtube Vod

Larry Lurr showed off the sheer level of movement and options that comes from a mixture of extended dash dancing and perfect pivots at GOML. In this fast paced set, in terms of action, Mr. R’s edge guarding and neutral clashed with Larry’s movement and explosive punish game. Coming off his win at BAM 8, this matchup would seem in Mr. R’s favor, but Larry Lurr quickly went up 2-0 in the set before Mr. R could bring it back.

Grand Finals: Ally vs ZeRo

Mario vs Diddy Kong
Youtube Vod

Ally got to defend Canada from Winners side against the best player in the world. Though he was playing Mario, he looked like he was playing Brawl Snake with how long he lived. However, ZeRo’s neutral play and side-b mixups were dominant in the first two games. But Ally, reminiscent of his set versus Mr. E, knows how to come back from a 2-0 deficit. Anyone who wants to see hard neutral reads, near impossible to escape banana setups, and a Mario with an iron head, this is the set to watch.

Losers Round 4: Alphicans vs Nairo

Little Mac vs Zero Suit Samus
Twitch Vod

When game 1 started with a 0-death from neutral by Alphicans and game 1 ended with a near 0-death combo from Nairo, it was bound to be one of the best sets of the tournament. This set is back and forth. ZSS kill combos and Little Mac’s down-tilt up b plus KO punch make ever second of this set a nail biter. I’ll leave the rest for you to watch as this set is the best set of the weekend.
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