The Best Sets of the Weekend 5/27-5/29

This weekend was full of tournaments across the world. The U.S. national tournaments, Combobreaker and Momocon 2016, turned heads as they were the chances for each region’s local talent to show what they have against established players such as ESAM and Nairo. I highly recommend going back through each tournament’s singles bracket to see the upsets and character selection hype that made this weekend great for Super Smash Bros.

Combobreaker 2016

Doubles Winners Finals: GGA Dan/Nite vs PG ESAM/MVD

Rosalina + Mario vs Pika/Corrin + Cloud/Diddy Kong
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It’s not often a doubles set will make it here. Both of these are generally static with one another, and each team’s synergy shows it. Combos and setups are practiced. How each team controls zones and manages stocks is obvious. How the other team disrupts those zones and stock controls is even more apparent. In this set, the GGA team shows why they are often considered one of the best teams in the Midwest, while team PG shows adaptive strategies and counter picking as well as their veteran level reads.

Winners Semifinals: JJROCKETS vs Tyroy

Diddy Kong vs Bayonetta/Sheik
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This set starts with a quick shout out to the final 1.1.5 tournament. JJROCKETS gets 2 stocked handily by two Bayonetta death combos. JJ understands his mistakes in game 2 and takes it, out playing the #1 Chicago player handily in the first stock. Even on the previous patch, however, Tyroy makes a switch to Sheik, a strategy that worked in his set against Zinoto. Overall, this set shows the potential of Tyroy as a multi-faceted player with various strategies, and JJROCKETS’ ability to adapt to multiple scenarios from a top regional player.

Hail Smash III

Winners Semifinals: Hyuga vs Sergy

Toon Link vs Greninja/Cloud
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Hyuga and Sergy slug it out in a game of mental warfare. This set isn’t about hype Greninja combos or incredibly elaborate Toon Link set-ups. It’s about finding a way into each other’s zone through each character’s unique angles of attack. Both player’s neutral game is spacing heavy with feinting in and out of each other’s range. This doesn’t just occur with their main characters, but Sergy pulls out a Cloud as a hard counter-pick to Hyuga’s Toon Link, showing adaptation just in the character select screen.

MomoCon 2016

Losers Semifinals: Ally vs Lord Mix

Mario vs Bowser
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Who would have thought that a Bowser would make it to losers semifinals of a national. Who would have thought that Ally’s Mario would be the one to meet him there. Both of these players lost to Wrath, a sonic who is willing to play any strategy to win, and only one of them would get the rematch in Losers Finals. In this set, we see a slow and scary neutral game from Lord Mix, where he baits out grabs by using jab and dash turnarounds. Ally plays as carefully as possibly while in Shell Shock combo range, but is able to win on the ledge again and again for his stocks. This classical gaming showdown is the best set of the weekend.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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