The Big House 5 Smash 4 Top 32 Stats

Every Smash 4 major is better than the last. The Big House 5 was no exception.  The top 32 had the best loser’s bracket comeback in the history of Smash 4 and it ranks among the greatest loser’s bracket runs in Smash Bros history.  This was also the send off for patch 1.10 before the meta-changing shield stun increase in patch 1.11. These stats are the symbol of the end for patch 1.10.

Regional Representation

TBH5 Rank by Area

Top 32 by Current Competitive Area

Tri-State continues to be a dominant region at the national level. Socal is surprising low for a major tournament, but traveling from the west coast to the Midwest is a long distance. These numbers aren’t necessarily representative of how strong Socal is. The Midwest, mainly Michigan showed up this tournament. The Midwest is represented by ten players, with one player making it into the top 8. When the Midwest is able to make it, we’re showing to be a threat at the national level.

*note: Ally is placed under Michigan due being actively on their power ranking

Character Select

TBH5 Top 32 Characters

TBH5 Top 32 Characters

With 149 games played in 47 sets, there were 298 opportunities to select a character. Sheik is at the top of pick % being 23.2% of all characters selected. Keep in mind, this data is massively skewed by ZeRo playing ten sets in top 32, only going Diddy Kong in one set. He played 32 games of Sheik this tournament alone, making nearly half of all Sheik selections.

Other than the mass amount of Sheik skew, there were three dedicated Ike mains in top 32. Diddy Kong has the highest win rate, but Zinoto only played five games, winning two, and the other Diddy Kong was ZeRo. The next highest win rate belongs to Rosalina, who was played by Dabuz, Rayquaza and Abadango: all top 8 players. Interestingly, Nairo was the only Zero Suit Samus player in top 32, explaining her high win rate. Meta Knight made his first top 8 appearance at a U.S. smash major. Also making his second appearance at a major, though also as a secondary, is Luigi. With 1.11 being the ‘death of Luigi’ as a top character mainly due to the knock back growth on his down throw increasing, It’s not expected to see Luigi make it this high at a major again.


Stages in Top 32

Stages in Top 32

Not surprisingly, Smashville is the most commonly played stage, though in comparison to Evo, it was used significantly less. Final Destination is second most used stage and along with Smashville, it makes up over 50% of the stages played in top 8.

Even though Halberd was legal, it was not picked for the entirety of the top 32. As the Smash 4 community is debating what stages are legal, it’s likely Halberd will fade out of the counterpick metagame, not just because it’s banned as a rule, but because no one plays there. Funnily enough, Castle Siege, which is usually banned more often than Delfino in tournament rule sets, was played more at The Big House.

Starter Stages

Starting Stages in Top 32

Starting Stages in Top 32

While Smashville doesn’t dominate the overall stage meta, as a starter, it was used in over 50% of matches. Even as the metagame has developed throughout 2015, it’s still the starting stage of choice due to its relatively balanced properties. Dreamland was never picked as a starter, and it wasn’t used often as even a counterpick. Perhaps as the meta continues to develop, players will find more reasons to pick Dreamland or as a reason to switch Lylat Cruise and Dreamland between the neutral and counterpick line.

Player highlight: TSM | ZeRo

ZeRo played a total of 34 games during the top 32. He played 10 sets with top players from around the country. Had an 82.35% win rate and won The Big House 5. The Big House is now ZeRo’s fifth major tournament win and adds to his already over fifty tournament win streak. The prize for ZeRo will be if he goes undefeated for the rest of 2015, solidifying 2015 as Year ZeRo.


Special thanks to Jaaahsh, Tloc | Infinity, and Vayseth for recording top 32 and Aisight for uploading off-stream matches to the Vegas Smash youtube channel


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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