The Genesis 3 Review: Day 1

Genesis 3 has begun! Day 1 had the first round pools of Smash 4 singles and doubles, along with the most hype Smash 4 crew battle yet including Midwest, MD/VA, Florida, Tristate, Japan, Socal, Norcal and Mexico competing for the first time to say who the best region is.

The Best R1 Pools Matches

Even with 1096 entrants, round 1 pools were stacked and plenty of upsets occurred. We had pool A45 that put EZG | Remzi (formerly known as vaBengal) and Pulse | Zinoto facing off in the winners finals of pool. Pool C45, where #1 seed TTN | MJG lost to ET | King in semifinals in pools and edged it out over Shiny to take 3rd seed from his pool going into Round 2 Pools.  There were way too many matches and pools to review them all so I’ve gathered some of the closest, most entertaining, and upsetting streamed matches that deserve to be re-watched

2gg | Void vs Ryuji 

In a #1 vs #2 seed battle, this set delivered. Game 1, Void handily defeated Ryuji, but Ryuji struck back with a 2-stock on Dreamland. Game 3 ended with both players at high percent on Final Destination. Void ultimately won, but it wasn’t an easy first seed win for him.

GW | FOW vs 2S | | Angbad

One of the flashier and one-sided pools winner’s finals. Angbad started with a massive lead stock 1 one game 1, but FOW fought back with an off-stage air dodge read to dair spike. Angbad was close to recovering with Olimar, but without a hit-box, FOW followed up his spike with a stage spike, then went on to dominate the rest of the 2-0 set.

Shaky vs SCB | TLTC

No one would have expected TLTC’s Palutena to shake up Shaky’s Ness. With immaculate ledge cancels on battlefield, optimal punishes, and great spacing, TLTC was able to bring Shaky to game 3. Running it back to Battlefield, however, Shaky adapted and won handily against his opponent.

J! vs HBA | Avalon

This was one of the most exciting Sheik dittos of pools. J!, who placed 5th at what’s been called the Genesis 3 pre-tournament Wombo Wednesday 21, and Avalon duked it out for the #1 seed going into Round 2 Pools. The percent each game was back and forth, with J! always starting with a large percent deficit and bringing it back to an even game in all of the three games.

Apachai vs Falln

Falln’s Rosalina went up against Apachai’s Ryu in Pool E43. Apachai, who wasn’t even the 2nd seed in his pool went through Dath, a well-respected Robin main, to make it to Falln and showed up. Apachai won with not only a roll read true shoryuken, but a roll read true shoryuken on Luma that extended shoryuken’s hitbox long enough for it to hit Falln as his invincibility wore off.

Smash 4 Regional Crew Battles.

Japan winning G3 Crews

The highlight of Day 1 did not disappoint. Despite some streaming issues, each of the crew battles brought hype and attention to the event, whether it was an outright stomp, or a close nail-biting set. Read on for specifics for some of the best action.

Tristate vs Texas

After a dominating victory over Md/VA, Texas was up against the favorites of the crews tournament, Tristate, who sported the likes of Nairo, DK-Will, Dabuz, Tweek, and False. Tweek started for Tristate while Texas started with Karna’s Sheik. Tweek quickly 2-stocked Karna. Remembering the last time they played, Texas sent in Trela against Tweek’s Bowser Junior. Trela handily won when they faced off last, but Tweek held his own, taking two of Trela’s stocks and looking like he could beat Trela on his own during the match. And then Dabuz happened. Often regarded as a top 10 player in the world, Dabuz was more of a wall then even The Wall himself. Dabuz rounded off Trela without losing a stock, only lost one stock to the The Wall’s Yoshi while Espy sd’s twice and doesn’t take 1 of Dabuz’s two stocks. Texas sent in Espy last only to be dominated by Dabuz. Dabuz won it for Tristate while taking eleven stocks.

Mexico vs Japan

Mexico and Japan were both coming off strong wins over Florida and Norcal respectively. Japan was the favorite going into this match, especially with Mexico’s strongest player MK Leo, not in attendance, but Mexico showed why they are a top Smash 4 region. Japan started with Abadango’s Meta Knight. and Mexico started with Ryuk’s Villager on Town & City. Abadango proved to be too much for Ryuk, and he two stocked him before Mexico’s second best player, Hyuga came into play. With beautiful and well-timed bomb and boomerang combos, Abadango was overwhelmed, catching a bomb after being hit into the blastzone. Infinite items were in Toon Link’s item pack, but Ranai’s pockets kept him safe from the barrage of bombs and boomerangs. Ranai only lost 1 stock to Hyuga, but then Regi, fresh off a run back against Florida’s ESAM, wanted vengeance. With a full bucket of Lloyd rocket explosions, Regi 3-stocked Ranai, surprising the world and showing that Game & Watch is viable even against the best players in the world. As Keitaro said “He wasn’t ready.” Komorikir returned the favor, 3-stocking Regi with Sonic, followed by the longest game in Smash 4 history: Komorikiri’s Sonic vs Waymas’ Wario on battlefield without a time limit. After seven minutes of playing around Wario’s Fart, Komorikiri 2-stocked Waymas, and sealed Japan’s lead of eight stocks to three. Komorikiri took Mexico’s final player, Look IC to his last stock and allowed 9B to finish Mexico off to move to the finals.

Tristate vs Socal

The two best U.S regions faced off in the semi-finals of the crews tournament Socal may have ZeRo but Tristate, with it’s star studded line-up, were the favorites. Slayerz started off vs Nakat, who absolutely destroyed the West Coast crew at Evo 2015, but couldn’t beat Slayerz in the straight-up 1v1. With one stock, Slayerz had to fight Dabuz who quickly tied up the stocks. 12 stocks vs 12 stocks, Socal sent Void to 1v1 Dabuz.  This turned out poorly for Socal, when Void could only take one of Dabuz’ stocks, giving Tristate the lead. Luckily, Larry Lurr was able to stop Dabuz before he took more than five stocks. With a two stock lead, Tristate sent in Tweek, who lost one stock before beating Larry, retaining Tristate’s lead. In comes Falln. Falln defeated Tweek without losing one stock, tying up the stock counts. In an even 1v1, Falln defeated DK Will on Town & City with one stock remaining, forcing Nairo enter the scene and take Falln’s last stock. In what many anticipate to be the Grand Finals match of Genesis 3, Nairo would face off 3-stocks to 3-stocks against ZeRo who opted to use Diddy Kong over Sheik on Final Destination. ZeRo proved his worth as the best Smash 4 player in the world, annihilating Nairo’s stocks, only losing one stock before popping off for his team. Socal would move on to the finals.

Japan vs Socal

Japan starts with Rain. Socal starts with Slayerz. This is the Grand Final. Rain nearly 2-stocks Slayerz, but Slayerz clutches out one more stock before falling to Rain’s needle storm. Socal sends in Larry Lurr, who consistently defeated Rain in the Brawl days and especially at Apex. Rain took one stock off Larry Lurr before 9b was forced in to take Larry Lurr’s remaining two stocks. With swift moves in a close matchup, Void removes 9b from the crew battle while only losing one stock. Void wasn’t done yet. After some advice from ZeRo, Void shook Japan, taking all of Abadango’s stock, creating a miracle one stock lead for Socal and adoration from the California crowd. Japan was not finished. Ranai cleaned up Void’s two stocks, bringing the stock lead in Japan’s favor with his remaining three stocks. Socal sent in Falln in what they thought was a winning matchup. Ranai proved himself to the world to be a god of the game, three stocking Falln’s Rosalina on Battlefield, weaving in and out with constant pressure. Socal ended up with three stocks to Japan’s . ZeRo walks up to the stage. The matchup the world has been waiting for in tournament first occured in crews as ZeRo opted to play Sheik vs Ranai’s Villager on Final Destination. At first, the flat stage level allowed ZeRo to constantly chase Ranai without any other options than to try to push back against ZeRo’s unrelenting pressure. Ranai loses two quick stocks without dropping any of ZeRo’s stocks, but with the help of a tree on the ledge, Ranai extended the hitbox of his up tilt long enough to remove ZeRo’s first stock. Then with over 100% on his last stock, Ranai scored a 2-frame strike on ZeRo, evening out the stocks. Surviving to over 200%, Ranai loses the 1v1 and walks offstage knowing Komorikiri with three stocks could defeat the crippled ZeRo on one stock. Picking Cloud, Japan put ZeRo in a terrible position. As long as Komorikiri had limit, he wouldn’t be gimped and over two stocks, Komorikiri would chip away at ZeRo until an up air killed on Battlefield.

Japan proved itself to be the best overall region, winning with two stocks remaining, defeating the best players around the world as a squad.

Day 2

Day 2 of Genesis begins at 10:000 a.m. with Wii U doubles on and Round 2 Pools starting at 12:00p.m. Pacific time on As much action as Day 1 was, I hope Day 2 can top it with hype matches, sad upsets, and top level gameplay going into the top 32.


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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