The Genesis 3 Review: Day 2

Upsets. Everywhere. Day 2 of Genesis 3 moved from 196 smash 4 players from round 2, to the top 32 and to the top 8 players. Doubles finished out in spectacular fashion, and Japan still looks strong despite only have one of its player’s in top 8 of singles. If anything, day 2 delivered action in every way possible.

Best sets of Day 2 Pools

Pools for both singles and doubles ended. In doubles, we saw the initiation of Cloud as a pivotol character in many team’s strategies and a surprise team of Pugwest and Marss putting favorite contendors such as the ZeRo + Nairo team and Dabuz + Hyuga team into the loser’s bracket. In singles, pools round two looked like the top 32 of most major tournaments. Brilliant matches were had all around, but the following two sets were one’s that caught my eye.

Sol + Ryo vs Fatality + Acid

Sol and Ryo’s unique Little Mac and Ike combination punched it out against the double falcon team. After game one, Sol and Ryo looked out of form, with little synergy, missed kill opportunities, and constant gimps from the well-played Falcon squad. Game 2 looked much the same until it came down to a 2v1 with Sol against Fatality and Acid on Final Destination. Instant Ledge Jump KO punching Fatality, then winning the 1v1 versus Acid lead to a strong game three finish and a hug between the Ike and Little Mac mains.

Marss vs Ranai

Marss has been an absolute monster this tournament, knocking out top international players easily. His set against Ranai on winner’s side made Japan’s top player sweat, going to game three on Lylat Cruise. Marss had a lead and nearly created the perfect death loser’s bracket with both Nairo and Ranai, but couldn’t close out against Ranai who won the set with a fair from the middle of the stage. Marss would then go on a rampage through loser’s bracket, taking out Komorikiri, Earth, and Hyuga to make top 8 in singles.

Singles Top 32

If pools matches were hype, the Smash 4 top 32 was beyond expectations. Nairo and ESAM started top 32 in the loser’s bracket. Earth would face ZeRo in the first round and the final top 8 would have one surprise no one could have predicted.

The Fall of Japan

While they won crews and doubles, Japan only had five players in the top 32 and by top 8, all but one remains. Earth started against ZeRo and was destroyed in games one and two, showing life in-game three, but ultimately falling to ZeRo’s unrelenting pressure. Komorikiri faced off against Mr. R and used Cloud. While he showed mastery over charging his limit breaks, he couldn’t get a read on Mr. R’s ledge options. In game two, Mr. R did the bouncing fish roll into grab to catch Komorikiri shielding, followed by a vanish read and then a needle storm into bouncing fish. In game four, Mr. R spiked Cloud’s non-limit recovery just before he could grab the ledge while retaining his own stock and sending Komorikiri to the loser’s bracket.  In loser’s Rain lost to, and Rin lost to ESAM. Both Earth and Komorikiri would go on to lose to Marss’ ZSS and be knocked out before top 8. Ranai is the only Japanese player to make top 8 and he sits in winners semifinals.

Zero Suit Rampage

Only losing to Ranai in a close 2-1 set, Marss went on a rampage against anyone who crossed the border to the U.S. He 3-0d Komorikiri, out maneuvered Earth, and overwhelmed Hyuga to make it into the top 8 bracket. Marss will have to face off against Nairo who knocked out Rain and Ito. before making top 8, Nairo took a clutch 3-2 win versus ESAM after ESAM figured out how to defeat Doctor Mario with Pikachu. Forced to use Zero Suit Samus, Nairo won and moved on to defeat Ally 3-1 to make top 8. Sadly, there will only be one Zero Suit Samus in the top five and we will have to see whether the up and coming Marss will beat the veteran Nairo.

Never Breaking A Sweat

Of the four in top 8 on winners side, Dabuz and FOW are the only player’s to not drop a game in top 32. Dabuz went 3-0 against ONI | Heero, formerly known as Static Manny and 2GG Void. GW Fow went 3-0 against Circa | 6WX and SmashFactor | Hyuga. They sit on winner’s side with the day of stressful matches behind them.

Doubles Top 8

On the Winner’s side of top 8 were the surprise team of Pugwest and Marss playing Mr. R and Abadango. Parallel to them was an all Japanese semifinals set between Ranai + Komorikiri’s Cloud and the double Cloud team Nietono + Rain. In loser’s were Dabuz and Hyuga against Ally and Trela, then MJG + FOW vs ZeRo + Nairo. Komorikir and Ranai went to game 5 against Nietono and Rain before facing off against Mr. R and Abadango. Ranai and Komorikiri and their well-timed Limit throw combos and setups would put them in Grand Finals.

ZeRo and Nairo ran a train through the loser’s bracket. They handily went 3-0 versus MJG and Fow, defeated Pugwest and Marss who sent them to the loser’s side, then constantly gimp the Rain and Nietono’s Cloud’s to go to Loser’s Finals  against Mr. R and Abadango. Game 1 was the Nairo show, as he saved ZeRo’s stocks and got kill after kill with ZeRo disrupting Mr. R and Abadango’s flow with Diddy Kong. Abadango and Mr. R struck back game two, but could barely defeat ZeRo’s incredibly 2v1 Diddy Kong. In Game 3 ZeRo and Nairo again win in a dominating fashion, and the opposing team returns the favor with their counterpick. In game five, ZeRo and Nairo ultimately defeat Abadango and Mr. R, and headed to Grand Finals to defend the U.S from the japanese duo Ranai and Komorikiri.

Genesis 3 Doubles finals

Doubles Finals

Against Ranai and Komorikiri, ZeRo switched to Sheik but lost game 1 on Smashville, but take game 2 on Final Destination in a dominating fashion. In game three, Komorikiri clutched a 2v1 game, punishing Nairo for missing his boost kick with finishing touch, then beat ZeRo in the 1v1 to make the score two to one in games. ZeRo and Nairo weren’t done, however, as they pushed Ranai and Komorikiri back by winning two games in a row, resetting the bracket after five intense games. Nairo and ZeRo finish off game four with two team combos after an early deficit due to finishing touch. then they win game five after another early deficit and phenomenal DI from ZeRo to live against a finishing touch at 65% on Dreamland. Five total games, and we got to see a bracket reset.

The momentum from set one carried over into game one of set two. Nairo took Ranai’s second stock at 27% with a first hit fair and did it again on Komorikiri to create an easy 2v1 against Ranai to move into game two. The Japanese team struck back game two with a three stock victory and a disrespect kill on Nairo under Smashville by Ranai. Nairo’s early gimps in-game three put Komorikiri on his last stock, but Ranai stock tanked, gimped Nairo’s second stock. The game evened out with one stock to each player after sharestocks from Komorikiri and Nairo, but Ranai stage spiked and gimped Nairo again, and ZeRo was pushed into Komorikiri’s up smash to move into game four. Dreamland was Nairo and ZeRo’s final counterpick of the set. With no room to drop another game, they gave all they could, coming out to an early two stock lead, five to three stocks. However, ZeRo self destructs under dreamland and Nairo’s final stock was taken by finishing touch, forcing Nairo to take ZeRo’s second stock to mantain the 2v2.  Ranai takes out his partners stock, forcing Komorikiri to take Ranai’s second stock, but then makes it worth it. Komorikiri finished the set with two raw back to back up smashes, and the duo of Ranai and Komorikiri take the second first place trophy for Japan after they won crew battles the day before.

Day 3: Finals Day

Top 8 Singles will have the best matches yet. On Winners side, ZeRo will play Dabuz and Ranai will play FOW. On Losers side, Void will take on Larry Lurr and Nairo will go against Marss. The action will begin after the SSB64 Top 8 ends around 2:00p.m Pacific time on


Z2G is a fantasy writer and smash 4 analyst. He's played Smash competitively since Brawl, and continues to play and write about the Smash 4 scene.

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