The Public Opinion on Miis in Smash 4

Ever since Evo has passed, our community has been split on many different rule decisions for the game. While some changes such as a stage change here or there might be minuscule on a larger scale, the hottest topic seems to be deciding what to do about Mii Fighters in the game. This is a wildly important topic, since it changes what characters everyone is allowed to play, and could potentially leave many players without a tournament main.

In my experience, the community seems very split on the issue. The problem is wondering to what level should Miis be allowed in events. With a customs off tournament, should Miis be allowed to select any move they have? The fact is that any Mii may be selected while Customs is set to Off, though some have voiced their opinion that they feel it is unfair for Miis to have access to 12 different specials, instead of every other character being limited to 4.

Regions and events seem to offer a different take on the rule throughout the country, and while someone may be able to adjust to if they could play on Halberd or not on the fly, it’s tough to attend many events if you happen to main a specific Mii set that you’re unable to play in some tournaments. I ran a public poll last week to gather information for how the public feels that Miis should be handled, to provide this information and feelings to tournament organizers across the country.

Poll Options

The following options were available to be voted on:

  • Miis should be legal with any moves they wish using a default system Mii
  • Miis should be banned
  • Miis should only be legal with the moveset 1111 using a system default Mii
  • Miis should be legal with the moveset 1111 2222 or 3333 using any system default Mii
  • Indifferent on the issue* – this option¬†was not available for the first hour of voting.

Certain options were left out for the sake of simplicity, and considering a realistic tournament setting. This would include using any combination of height and weight for Miis (instead of a system default), since this requires action outside of the Super Smash Bros. game on the system to implement and needs the Mii Maker, and also not including an option for that a single set should be allowed for each Mii, but one that is voted on by the community instead of 1111. This was not an option due to the near impossible nature of getting an entire community to agree upon a single set, which as seen in the custom moves project prior to Evo, would not happen.


Out of a total of 3,342 votes, the results are as follows:

  • 73.52% – Miis should be legal with any moves they wish using a default system Mii
  • 9.37% – Miis should only be legal with the moveset 1111 using a system default Mii
  • 7.90% – Miis should be legal with the moveset 1111 2222 or 3333 using any system default Mii
  • 5.80% – Miis should be banned
  • 3.41% – Indifferent on the issue

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.26.04 PM

There is an overwhelming support for the legality of all Miis for tournament use according to the results. Accumulating over 7 times as many votes as the second most popular option, the general Smash public wishes to see that any Mii be allowed in tournament with any special move, provided they use a system default Mii.

John Numbers (one of the leaders of the custom move project prior to Evo and Nintendo World Champion 2015) had the following to say on the topic in support of allowing all Miis prior to this poll being held:

So let me get through the run-down of why Mii Fighters should be allowed to use their alternate Specials where no one else is allowed to in a Customs-Off environment:

1. The obvious one, when you’re on the character selection screen, and Customizations are set to “Off,” you can still choose any combination of Specials for Mii Fighters that you desire. This tells us that the developers do not see Mii Fighter alternate Specials as a “Customization” but rather something else entirely. In this respect, we’re not being unfair to other characters by turning Customizations off and allowing Mii Fighters to choose their Special combinations because the Custom Specials of every fighter and alternate Specials of Mii Fighters are considered to be two completely different things entirely.

2. With the newly added online Tournament Modes, you have the option to toggle Customizations and Mii Fighters as you like. Choosing the settings “Off” and “On” respectively still allows people who choose Mii Fighters to access any combination of alternate Specials that they like. This menu setting is important, because it shows that the dev team does not see the presence of Mii Fighters as something that legitimately falls under the category of Customizations.

3. Counterpoint: The reason Mii Fighters are banned in For Glory probably isn’t because the developers didn’t think they were suitable for competition, but rather afraid people would anonymously abuse Hitler and penis faces when competing, for sure. Also, if Mii Fighters WERE allowed to compete on For Glory, I’d be willing to bet my bottom dollar that they’d still be allowed to use any alternate Specials that they desire.

4. In this latest update of Smash 4, version 1.1.0, not a single character had their Customs Specials adjusted directly(Pikachu’s T-Wave infinite is patched out but only because of a change made to default T-Jolt). However, all three Mii Fighters had a good deal of their alternate Specials balanced, between 1, 2, AND 3, indicating that they were most certainly designed for competition, unlike everyone else’s Custom Specials which are difficult to determine how competitive they actually were intended to be. Full 1.1.0 changelog can be found here:

5. Countries in Europe and Japan allow free customization of Specials for Mii Fighters in their Customs-Off tournaments(needs confirming but I know at least a good amount that do).

While there are many great minds who push for other Mii rulings as well, it seems that the public has spoken in favor of a full legality. I personally back the full legality option as well, and see no reason that any specials or combinations should be banned until further testing or seeing how the meta works with these characters allowed. I hope that seeing the results of this change the stance of many tournament organizers on the topic. Currently key events such as The Big House 5, Xanadu, and Come On and Ban all use a ruleset that restricts Miis to 1111 (except that COaB also allows 2222 and 3333). For those worried about the additional time needed to create a Mii, Dapuffster had made this video previously showing how quickly it is possible to make a Mii, often less times than customizing controls or doing handwarmers:


CT Chibo

Chibo is a long time member of the competitive Smash community, dating back to Super Smash Bros. Melee in 2007. He has shown prowess as a competitor, tournament organizer, live streamer, and more. Chibo is the owner of CLASH Tournaments, one of the leading media providers for the Smash community.

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  • Tinkererer

    The option “any Mii with any moveset of any size” is completely missing here.

    • This was mentioned in the article, that it wasn’t included as a realistic option since it requires action from outside of the game (Mii Maker) to accomplish.

      • Tinkererer

        Or a 3DS, surely? Especially considering there’s optimal sizes for Miis (that are generally accepted upon), this shouldn’t be hard.

        • Allowing 3DS uploads is a whole different issue, and would likely lead to customs being enabled in tournaments. This is for a standard customs off tournament.

          • Tinkererer

            That seems bizarre, considering Miis are a completely separate issue. If the poll would’ve had the option and that option would’ve had the most votes, it’s a minor effort to implement it if that’s what people want in general. Hell, large parts of Japan already do it (with people’s own silly customized anime Miis and the like). For those one or two people per tournament, it’s not like it’s a major time investment, either.

            If the results show that people are willing to be this lenient towards Miis, it’s not a weird thought that any size (or an agreed to optimal size) would’ve been the most voted on.

          • Meta Knight

            If characters should be exploited to their full potential before any discussion about restrictions or bans even start to happen then we start with Mii being used to its fullest potential across the board – moves AND stature.
            The fact is the poll did not take this very basic and most important option into account and because of that we can only assume how to interpret the 73.52% of the votes if they wanted the character completely free of restrictions including allowing for 3DS upload.
            At least there’s something to work on, but the poll has one major issue that needs to be examined.

    • Meta Knight

      The option 73.5% of us wanted.

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