Who Could Claim The Bounty?

The stakes are high at CEO 2015. Smash 4 will have the most entrants of any game at the event having hit its entry cap early with only a 10% crossover with folks playing Melee. It just goes to show how far our scene is already coming and the massive numbers it can show! If that wasn’t enough, $3000 has been added as a pot bonus and payouts are supposed to extend through the top 16.

However, there is an extra special prize that is up for grabs at the event. With money being put up by Smashboards and Alex Jebailey (the man behind CEO 2015) himself putting up $500 dollars for any player that can take out the powerhouse that is Zero. $100 dollars is available to the player who sends ZeRo to loser’s bracket, with the remaining $400 going to any player who fully eliminates him from the tournament. Who are the most likely candidates to take him out and collect the bounty? Here are our top 5 choices!


Honorable Mention: MVG MVD

MVG MVD is one of the only players to have done damage against ZeRo in recent memory who is coming to the event. He managed to get a game off ZeRo at MVG Sandstorm which shows he has some potential to possibly take home the win.

Number 5: Trela

While some might consider this an unusual choice, Trela may very well have just what it takes to knock out ZeRo. His use of characters not often seen like Charizard, Mii Swordfighter, and Mewtwo could certainly throw even the highly adaptive ZeRo off. This, and his seriously skillful gameplay could certainly see him pull out on top.

Number 4: LLL Mr.R

His Sheik simply is stellar and he is quite the opponent to face in combat. He only rarely travels to the United States however, and while the competition in Europe for Smash 4 is actually quite intense, he will be facing lots of playstyles he may never have encountered before with so much talent coming to CEO 2015. Still, if he manages to face ZeRo in bracket, expect it to be a close match.

Number 3: Nairo

Nairo has some serious history with ZeRo. They both were the young and upcoming players of Brawl a few years back both showing impressive Meta Knight play. He has the fire in his belly to take out ZeRo after their latest match at MVG Sandstorm where ZeRo beat him 3-0 twice. Still, he has been improving having recently taken a set off of Dabuz who had knocked him out at Apex 2015. Nairo has a lot to prove and is a strong contender to take on ZeRo.

Number 2: ESAM

ESAM and his Pikachu are well known throughout the entire Smash 4 community. Pikachu is quite powerful in Smash 4, and there are few players at the caliber of ESAM for ZeRo to have ever faced or had practice against. ZeRo himself has even mentioned on Twitter that he is impressed with how strong Pikachu is, making it look like ESAM is going to provide a serious challenge.

Number 1: XFire IQHQ Dabuz

Dabuz is a powerful force in Smash 4 and is one of the people many fear to face in bracket. He has shown the horrifying power that Rosalina and Luma bring to the table many times, and having Olimar in his pocket has brought him several matches as well. ZeRo has said in many places how strong he believes Rosalina and Luma to be, so with the most masterful player of the character set to attend it is no wonder why we consider him the number one contender to take ZeRo out.

Were our choices out of whack? Who are your top five picks? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in to watch CEO 2015 to see if any predictions come true!


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